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Club Contacts

List of Office Bearers 2018/19

 Jenny Madden*  President  [email protected]  M: 0427542600 H: 44736155
 Irene Macdonald*  Vice President  [email protected]  M: 0411756554 H: 44739385
 Margaret Downey*  Secretary [email protected]  M: 0458645252  H: 44736430
 Kathy Gallacher*  Treasurer  [email protected]  M: 0425200085 H: 44739639
 Cheryl McRae*  Social Committee ( chair )  [email protected]  M: 0416115506 H:
 Chris Roxby*  Match/Selection ( chair )  [email protected]  H: 44743008 M: 0408942124
 Carol Williams  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: H: 44738431
 Dianne Fletcher  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: 0403253945 H:
 Dianne Challice  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: 0437310627 H:
 Fran O’Connell  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: 0423732509 H:
 Sue Fahey  Welfare  [email protected]  M: 0407487305 H: 44736761
 Gail Page – Davies*  Delegate Communications Officer  [email protected]  M: 0415970284

 Irene Macdonald  Bowls organiser – carnivals  [email protected]  M: 0488043994 H: 44736645

*Attend committee meetings on 2nd Tuesday of the month at THCC @ approx. 1:00pm

Please Address All Correspondence to:

Secretary: Margaret Downey
Tuross Head Women’s Bowling Club
P.O. Box 3066
Tuross Head NSW 2537

Email: [email protected]

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Full Bowling- $112 Social Bowling – $62 Junior Bowls $50

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Women’s Bowls News

Social Bowls – 14th November

November 20th, 2017|Women's Bowls|

Another fourteen players arrived for social bowls last Tuesday 14th November. There were two games of pairs and one game of social triples played. Denise Lidbury and Phyl Endall defeated Jenny Madden and Di Fletcher. [...]