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Club Contacts

List of Office Bearers 2017/18

Name Position Email Phone
 Rose Farrington  President  [email protected]  0488043994
 Doreen Monks  Vice President  [email protected]
 Margaret Downey  Secretary  [email protected]  0458645252
 Kathy Gallacher  Treasurer  [email protected]  44749639
 Pam Mazzucchelli  Committee  [email protected]  44738803
 Fran O’Connell  Committee [email protected]  0423732509
 Jenny Madden  Committee  [email protected]  64542600
 Rita Downie  Match  [email protected]  44739276
 Carol Williams  Match  [email protected]  44738431
 Irene Martin  Match [email protected]  44739378
 Chris Roxby  Match  [email protected]  44743008
 Phyll Endall  Match  [email protected]  44738543
 Irene Macdonald  Delegate  [email protected]  44739385
 Denise Lidbury  Welfare  [email protected]  44738408
 Irene Macdonald  Communications Officer  [email protected]  44739385
 Denise Lidbury  BOWLS ORGANISER ( carnivals )  [email protected]  44738408

Please Address All Correspondence to:

Secretary: Margaret Downey
Tuross Head Women’s Bowling Club
P.O. Box 3066
Tuross Head NSW 2537

Email: [email protected]

Membership and Forms


Full Bowling- $112 Social Bowling – $62 Junior Bowls $50

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Women’s Bowling Club Office Bearers 2015 to 2016

Sub-Clubs Calendar

November 2018


Pairs Championship 2018

Winners: Averial Cox and Denise Lidbury
Runners up: Irene Macdonald and Rose Farrington

2017 Championship

Women’s Bowls News

NSW Women’s Bowls

October 24th, 2018|Women's Bowls|

Denise Lidbury has been picked by NSWWB to play for state in city versus country bowls. She will be playing at Soldiers Point on November 3 and 4. Denise will be playing for country. Well done [...]