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Club Contacts

List of Office Bearers 2019/20

 Jenny Madden*  President  [email protected]  M: 0427542600 H: 44736155
 Irene Macdonald*  Vice President  [email protected]  M: 0411756554 H: 44739385
 Margaret Downey*  Secretary [email protected]  M: 0458645252  H: 44736430
 Kathy Gallacher*  Treasurer  [email protected]  M: 0425200085 H: 44739639
 Cheryl McRae*  Social Committee ( chair )  [email protected]  M: 0416115506 H:
 Chris Roxby*  Match/Selection ( chair )  [email protected]  H: 44743008 M: 0408942124
 Carol Williams  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: H: 44738431
 Dianne Fletcher  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: 0403253945 H:
 Dianne Challice  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: 0437310627 H:
 Fran O’Connell  Match / Selection  [email protected]  M: 0423732509 H:
 Sue Fahey  Welfare  [email protected]  M: 0407487305 H: 44736761
 Gail Page – Davies*  Delegate Communications Officer  [email protected]  M: 0415970284

 Irene Macdonald  Bowls organiser – carnivals  [email protected]  M: 0488043994 H: 44736645

*Attend committee meetings on 2nd Tuesday of the month at THCC @ approx. 1:00pm

Please Address All Correspondence to:

Secretary: Margaret Downey
Tuross Head Women’s Bowling Club
P.O. Box 3066
Tuross Head NSW 2537

Email: [email protected]

Membership and Forms


Full Bowling – $130 Social Bowling – $80 Junior Bowls – $50

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By-laws 2020

WBC Constitution 2020

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2020 Pairs Winners

Rita Downie and Carol Williams – Pairs Winners

 with Club President Jenny Madden

2017 Championship
2018 Championship
2019 Championship

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