Despite several late withdrawals, another strong field of 65 players registered for Wednesday’s Tuross Head Vets Golf Single Stableford event. Scores continue to be unusually high with the handicapper considering a review of current arrangements to make results more equitable amongst players.
Winner on the day with what must be the highest score on record was John Cox with 31 points from the nine holes played. John beat home Les Johanson on 29, Dorothy Madden on 27 and Terry Lunn on 25. Minor prizes went to Ted Quinlan, Graham Moore and Chris Wratten on 24, Ross Richardson, Paul Coffey, Annette Manton, Leonie Snodgrass, Ray Downey and Shirley Quinlan on 23, Warren Hodder, Allen Lee and Frank Pomfret on 21, and finally after a 12 way count back, Neal Watson with 20 points.
It should be noted that all scores were recorded on a course where the greens had been cored and sanded over the previous two days!!
Despite recent lessons, the course proved to be a challenge for the winner of this week’s Bradman award, Mike Birks.