With the days game being the second and final round of the Vets championships for 2020, a good field of 66 players registered for the Stroke and Putt event. Winning scores were particularly competitive – Ted Quinlan edging out Greg Smith on count back for 1st place with nett 27s, and then Steve Gardner edging out Graham Moore for 3rd with both players recording nett 28s.

Balls went to Steve Collins on 30, Henry Anderson, Jennifer Gray and Ross Richardson on 31, Steve Swanbury on 32, Len Rogers, Warren Hodder, Robert McKirdy, Derek Hoare and Peg Nevett on 33, Rob Nash, Enid Besant-Ryan, and Teri Swanbury on 34, and finally Leonie Snodgrass, Steve Johnston, Greg Bush, Peter Coffey, Ken Brown, Greg Thornton, Greg Ware and Richard Wharton on 35.

Leonie Snodgrass won the putting competition with 12 putts on count back from Des Jackson.

The Bradman award went to Ian Miller on count back.