Along with Andrew Gordon from Men’s Golf I attended a meeting this morning at the request of Tim Watson, Course Superintendent.

He and the other Greens Staff are becoming increasingly frustrated with the behaviour of some motorised cart golfers who continue to drive carts all over the course away from the defined cart pathways despite any number of requests to refrain from doing so..

A quick examination around the 6th green showed that carts had been driven right up close to either side of the bunker with the grass clearly flattened under heavy traffic. Equally disturbing to Tim was the well worn track now emerging between the 6th green and the trees behind the green. Carts are being driven there instead of on the formed dirt pathway behind. Other instances around the course include people driving alongside the left hand side of the 3rd green and then up and over the new turf to the 4th tee, and on the 4th fairway carts being driven to the front edge of the green rather than being parked to the right on the new path. There is also wear and tear up and around both sides of the 9th green.

It is likely that much of this abuse has occurred over the past week during both competition and social play. If you are not already doing so could I please ask that you stick to the pathways, even if you have to walk a little to play your ball.

Ground staff this morning have resorted to placing hoops and ropes on the course, including roping off the “path” being worn from the left side of the practice green to the first tee. From now on could you please drive around and behind the practice green on your way to the first tee.

The importance of observing cart signs and pathways will become increasingly more important as the grass growth slows during the cooler months, together with increased participation numbers on our course now that competition games have resumed.

Cooperation of all cart drivers would be appreciated.


Ian Miller

Vets Captain