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Weekend competitions are held once a month.

March Goblet Results

March 2021

Goblet Tailor

The weekend was a very mixed one weather wise with rain, winds and sunshine. People fishing outside were few and far between and overall there were 22 fish presented by 8 anglers, 5 men and 3 women.

The draw for mystery fish resulted in number 20, a Snapper closest to 55 cm and was not awarded.


Goblet Tailor   Bruce Kennedy                    40.5 cm – 72 points



ROCK & BEACH       Bruce Kennedy           Snapper            56 cm – 95 points

LAKE & ESTUARY       Bruce Kennedy            Bream            43 cm – 150 points



ROCK & BEACH             Bronwyn Westbury             Salmon             53 cm – 87.5 points

LAKE & ESTUARY             Pam Alexander                   Garfish                 25.3 cm – 109 points


Bruce Kennedy

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