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Registrations are now open for the 2021 Flathead and Bream tournament.

Weekend competitions are held once a month.

Flathead and Bream Update

Here is something to whet your Whistles

The promotion of the 2020 Flathead and Bream Tournament is well and truly underway. We have banners sited in strategic places.

Have a spouse or a friend that you need to find a christmas present for ??? Consider giving them an entry to this event. They would love it !

By the way, with months to go, we are well over 30% of our total capacity, so the number of entries left is dwindling daily.

Secure your spots early.

Sub-Clubs Calendar

If you’re thinking about joining our club, join us for a Sunday weigh-in followed by BBQ lunch for only $5.

The Flathead and Bream Competition is held on the Canberra Day long weekend in March every year. It is always a sell out event.

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