Vets Golf Special Par

13/03/2019 All day
Address: THCC

Fifty players entered the Special Par event, a modified version of a standard Par game, where players are rewarded with multiple plusses for scores below handicap. Winner on the day was newcomer Ted Quinlan with a great score of +6 for 9 holes. Ted was followed home by Ross Davidson and Graham Pratt on +5, and Kay McLeod on +4. Balls or chocolates went to Len Rogers, Wal Williams and Allen Lee also on +4, Tony Crook, John Cox, Michael Godford and Jeanette Miller on +3, and finally Tim Starr, Sandra Hanlon and Greg Smith on +2.

This week’s Bradman award went to Jennifer Gray, whilst Nearest the Pins were taken out by Ron Hanlon on the 4th, Shirley Quinlan on the 6th, and Kathy Crossling and Steve Swanbury on the 7th. The Accuracy drive was won by Lyn Benger.