Men’s Golf Single Stableford & 4BBB

24/06/2017 All day

Sponsor Greg Booth


Rodney Bowron 37 Points

Order Of Merit

2nd John Sands

36 Points

3rd David Woolley

34 Points

4th Paul Israel

32 Points

5th Col Houghton

32 Points

4 BBB Winners 41 Points

John Eglitis

Rodney Bowron

Near Pin Winners

4th 13th Holes

A Grade Al Gannon 4.35 m

B Grade Tonty Brown 6.39 m

C Grade John Eglitis 7.33 m

6th 15th Holes

A Grade Mark Haberkorn 1.3 m

B Grade Ian Miller 4.5 m

C Grade Graeme Bell 2.79 m

7th 16th Holes

A Grade Al Gannon 3.9 m

B Grade Mick Allen 1.24 m

C Grade Nil


Starters 45

Balls To 28