Men’s Golf Single Stableford 2nd of Round Triathlon

12/08/2017 All day
Address: THCC

Sponsor Mick Allen


Marty Booth 44 Points


Order Of Merit

2nd Bruce martin

40 Points

3rd Kane Duncan

38 Points

Order Of Merit

4th Ian Wark

38 Points

5th Ken Brown

37 Points

Near Pin Winners

4th 13th Holes

A Grade Al Gannon 3.39 m

B Grade Trevor Jones 2.77 m

C Grade Kane Duncan 5.82 m

6th 15th Holes

A Grade  Brad Doolan 2.02 m

B Grade Marty Booth 2.33 m

C Grade Kane Duncan 2.33 m

7th 16th Holes

A Grade Col Houghton 6.2 m

B Grade Nil

C  Grade C Duncan 2.9 m

Starters 57

Balls To 32