2017 Combined Presentation and Patrons Day – Denise Lidbury Stars!

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The Annual celebration of the achievements of the Bowling season was held on November 22.

The Women’s and the Men’s Clubs take this opportunity to also recognise their Patrons – June Everett and Gil Baker.

The undoubted star of the day was Denise Lidbury. She won every Club event she competed in – the singles, pairs, triples, consistency singles and mixed pairs – as well as the District Singles Champion of Club Champions, the Zone Fours and was a key member of the Pennant side that won the District and Zone number 2 pennant.

Denise Lidbury and Averil Cox – Major Pairs Winners

Denise teamed with Averil Cox to win the Major Pairs. Lorraine Wake joined Denise and Averil to take out the Triples. She joined husband Bruce to win the Mixed Pairs.

Triples Winners – Denise Lidbury, Lorraine Wake and Averil Cox

Mixed Pairs Champions – Bruce and Denise Lidbury

John Fahey was the best performer amongst the Men. He was the Runner up in the Major Singles but won the Major Pairs and the Fours. Peter Macdonald also had a great year. He won the Consistency Singles, was in the winning Fours team and was runner up in the Minor Singles and Triples.

Men’s Major Pairs Winners – John Fahey and Peter Bird

Fours Champions – Peter Macdonald, Stan Peck, John Fahey and Ray Downey

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Social Bowls – 14th November

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Another fourteen players arrived for social bowls last Tuesday 14th November. There were two games of pairs and one game of social triples played.

Denise Lidbury and Phyl Endall defeated Jenny Madden and Di Fletcher. Irene Macdonald and Averial Cox, defeated Doreen Monks and Chris Roxby.

In the triples, Carol Williams, Solveig Olsson and Lorraine Johnston defeated Sharon Perry, Di Challice and Marg Rogers.

Winners of the day were the Williams triples team.

Our combined Presentation Day is to the held on Wednesday 22nd, which will be a social game of bowls followed by lunch and formalities.

Don’t forget our Christmas party on the 12 December – all the information is on the notice board. It is a fun day – so come along in your “J” costume and enjoy yourself. The Christmas Party is the last event for 2017.

For your diary social bowls will restart on the 16 January 2018.

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Consistency Championship

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During the month of October, the Consistency Championship was held. There were four rounds with 15 players – all very close games and played in good spirit.

First Round – Marg Downey had a bye, Rose Farrington defeated Marg Rogers, Irene Macdonald defeated Gladys McPherson, Phyl Christie went down to Chris Roxby, Denise Lidbury defeated Di Fletcher, Lorraine Wake defeated Rita Downie, Sue Fahey defeated Averial Cox and Solveig Olsson defeated Fran O’ Connell.

Second Round – Due to illness, Marg Downey had a forfeit to Rose Farrington, Irene Macdonald defeated Chris Roxby, Denise Lidbury defeated Lorraine Wake and Sue Fahey defeated Solveig Olsson.

Third Round – Semi Final – Rose Farrington defeated Irene Macdonald, and Denise Lidbury defeated Sue Fahey.

Final – After a very close match, Denise Lidbury defeated Rose Farrington.

Congratulations Denise! This caps off a great year for Denise, where she has been the worthy winner of all the categories of our club championships.

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Tuross Head Women’s Bowling News

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Again, we had 16 bowlers last Tuesday. Two games of triples and one game of pairs enjoyed the morning, although we wondered if we would need to give better directions as the sea mist rolled in, and a few laughs were had about not being able to see the Jack – some might say “any excuse”.

Again, a “sledge” was heard – “you little stinker” or something very similar… that’s what happens when the competitive spirit comes out – good fun all around. The winners on the day were Carol Williams, Marg Downey, and Marg Rogers.

The Consistency Championship starts Tuesday, the 10th October, and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of weeks – so come also get and watch some good bowls.

Some of our members are travelling to Tathra this coming week to take part in their Carnival, good luck to all.

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Mixed Patrons Day

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| Far South Coast District Women’s Bowling News |

On the 29th September, the Mixed Patrons Day was held. This event was hosted by the Central South Coast District Bowling Association (CSCDBA) and the Far South Coast District (FSCD) participated. This day is held to recognise our club Patrons as the figureheads of our bowling members and thank them for their service to our sport.

The format of the day was two games of Fours. On the day, there were 10 teams of ladies and 10 teams of men’s representing our clubs across the district.

The winner of the shield this year was the combined district team, with 4 points and a margin of 28. Tuross Head was second with four points and a margin of 17.

Photo: 2017 Mixed Patrons Day Winners – combined team FSCD

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2017 CHAMPION OF CLUB CHAMPIONS: Denise Lidbury Wins Again

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| Far South Coast District Women’s Bowling News |

The 2017 Champion of Club Champions (COCC) was held at Tomakin on the 4th and 5th of October. This event is open to all Club Singles Champions and this year we had five (5) entries from clubs within our district – Narooma, Tomakin, Moruya, Dalmeny and Tuross Head.

Denise Lidbury – 2017 Champion of Club Champions

The event was played as a round robin, 21 shots up. On the first day, three games were played and two on the second.

Over the two days, there were some excellent bowls played, many of the matches not decided until the last end. Going into the final game each of the four players were two game winners and the result was not determined until the last bowl.

Congratulations to Denise Lidbury of Tuross Head who has won the 2017 COCC, 3 wins and plus 32. This is the third year in a row that Denise has won this trophy. Second place was Sandra Breust of Narooma with 3 wins and plus 14. Third was Cheryl Halls of Moruya with 2 wins and plus 1.

Congratulations to all players who participated for two great days on the green.



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Far South Coast Women’s Bowls

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Tuross Head wins Far South Coast District Versatility Challenge.

Monday 25 September started as a beautiful spring day to host the Far South Coast Districts ( FSCD) Versatility Challenge.

This competition is open to all clubs in the district to enter teams of four players. It is an interesting competition, the format is to play four games of 10 ends, no roll up and one dead end per team per game – after that any dead end will give 3 points to the other team. Each team member play in a different position each game, with each to their normal position in the last game.

A total of fourteen teams from Tomakin, Malua Bay, Narooma, Tuross Head, Dalmeny and Moruya contested the day. While the sun stayed for most of the day, the weather conditions changed and the wind became a challenge later in the day.

It was a very friendly day, with plenty of laughter heard across the green. Some of the laughter may have been attributed to interesting Jack rolls, when the regular skips were playing in the lead position – something many of them do not do very often.

The winners of the FSCD Versatility Challenge were:
First Place – Tuross Head: Carol Williams, Rita Downie, Irene Macdonald and Doreen Monks.
Second Place – Tomakin: Colleen Beadon, Maureen Devine, Joan Colfax and Cate Parker.
Third Place – Tomakin: DIane Ziebell, Jennie Hogan, Francis Bradstreet, and Margaret Carney

Congratulations to all players who participated on the day.
Tuross Head winning team.

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Tuesday Social Bowls

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There has been a great consistency of members coming along and playing social bowls on a Tuesday – 14 on the 19th September and 16 on the 26th September.

It is extremely pleasing to see our new members Di Challice, Di Fletcher and Solveig Olsson continuing to come to meet the challenges of the game week after week. This week we also welcomed Julie Barningham, who has tried Sunday Sizzlers and thought she would see what the social bowls was all about.

On the 19th there were two games of Pairs and one game of triples.

Lorraine Wake and Chris Roxby defeated Rose Farrington and Phyl Christie.

In a very tough struggle, Rita Downie and Fran O ‘Connell defeated Irene Martin and Phyl Endall by 2 shots.

In the game of triples, Averial Madden, Di Challice and Jenny Madden had a narrow win against Averial Cox, Di Fletcher and Carol Williams.

Winner on the day was Team Wake.

This week on the 26th, there was one game of Pairs and two games of triples. Winners on the day were Sharron Perry and Solveig Olsson against Chris Roxby and Di Challice.

The two triples games were played in great spirit with Sue Fahey, Averial Cox and Julie Barningham having victory over Carol Williams, Fran O’Connell and Phyl Endall. The other game was won by Rita Downie, Phyl Christie and Marg Rogers over Irene Macdonald, Di Fletcher and Marg Rogers.

Our consistence championship commences 10 October so check out the notice board to see the draw – if you are playing… good luck! If not, come along and enjoy the bowls.

Our new bowlers on the green L to R: Solveig Olsson,Di Challice, Julie Barningham and Di Fletcher.

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Game of Triples and Pairs

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It was slightly overcast on Tuesday morning, but 16 bowlers braved the elements to play 2 games of triples and one game of pairs.

Phyl Endall, Glad McPherson and Rose Farrington played Di Fletcher, Fran O’Connell and Rita Downie. Rose Farrington’s team were the eventual winner 21 to 10.

The other game of triples was between Lorraine Wake, Sharon Perry and Irene Macdonald who managed to get home against Lorraine Wake, Diane Challice and Carol Williams – 23 to 14.

Solveig Olsen and Irene Martin played Chris Roxby and Jenny Madden in pairs . It was an exciting game with only three shots in it coming into the final end. Team Jenny Madden was the eventual winner 20 to 19.

The winners on the day were Phyl Endall, Glad McPherson and Rose Farrington.

See you on the green next Tuesday for social bowls!

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2017 Classic Pairs Tournament

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From the 1st to the 3rd of September,  28 teams of ladies competed at the annual Classic Pairs  Tournament.  There were teams from Canberra, Queanbeyan, Sydney, Tathra, Merimbula, Tura Beach as well as representatives from clubs within our local district.

The first day of spring did not let us down, for all three days the sun was shining.  It was wonderful to see our two bowling greens with maximum numbers, full of colour (bowls and uniforms) and the game of bowls being played in great spirit. During these three days, friendships are formed or renewed and while competition is keen, laughter can always be heard.

The format of the tournament over the three days is a total of 5 games of 18 ends of pairs. Typical of our greenkeepers, their preparation of the greens allowed the games to be played in first class conditions.  It was a challenging competition, and the final outcome was not clear until all games had been completed.

The placings for the competition were:

1st Jan Dunscombe & Pam Reynolds
Tura Beach
10 points, margin +66

2nd Olga Geshwend & Yvonne Huddleston
Malua Bay
10 points, margin +33

3rd Lola Wallis & Cherie Dean
Tura Beach
8 points, margin +42


4th Lorraine Wake & Lorraine Mitchell
Tuross Head & Narooma
8 points, margin +39

5th Joy Scott & Joy Clarke
8 points +19

6th Irene Macdonald & Rose Farrington
Tuross Head
7 points, margin +19

Congratulations to all Players!

No competition can be held without support, and thank you goes to our sponsors – Travel Team (Batemeans Bay), Tuross Head Country Club, Tuross Men’s Bowling Club and Estate Wines.

Mention must also be made of the contribution of both our members and members of the men’s club who assisted with donations, umpiring and giving their time to assist with daily preparations and the keeping of the all important scores – thank you to everyone involved.


We would love to see anyone come and join us for a game of bowls at Tuross – come along any Tuesday morning to see what the game is all about.

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