Vets Golf Single Stableford Event

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Another near capacity field of 67 players registered for Tuross Head’s  Vets golf event on Wednesday. Fortunately rain overnight and the previous day had little effect on playing conditions.

Winner on the day was Richard Kelly with a fine score of 26 points, edging out Jennifer Gray on 25 and Shirley Quinlan and David Williams on 24. Minor prizes went to John Cox on 24, Margaret Downey on 23, Des Jackson and Les Johanson on 22, Lance Shadbolt, Ray Downey, Kevin Dukes and Gail Rogers with 21, Gayle Macalpine and Chris Wratten with 20, and finally Peg Nevett, our most senior lady player, beating home a host of other players with 19 points on count back.

The infamous Bradman award was taken out by Robin Green.

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Proposed Membership Fees

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Last night, (May 20 2020) all Sub-Club Presidents were invited to attend a briefing by the THCC  board in relation to the COVID 19 crisis, also to inform us as to how the club is tracking financially along with a “road map out of the crisis”.

It was reported by President, Dave Sheppard that the THCC was in a strong financial position prior to the COVID 19 closure. As a result of the closure, the club will be between $130K-$150K short of funds.

With this in mind, All Members will be asked to make a donation of $50 (if financially possible), additional to the $15 Social Membership fee, when Membership Renewals are sent out in the next month.

If all 1900 members of THCC donate $50 the above shortfall is significantly reduced, and removes a great deal of financial pressure from the Club. We would encourage all members to donate at least this amount and any greater amount will be sincerely appreciated.

It was acknowledged by the Board the significant contributions that the golfers, and now the bowlers, are making to maintain the Sporting Facilities. Your financial support has not gone unnoticed.

It is anticipated that the THCC will resume some restrictive trade in June with patron numbers hoping to increase substantially by then. At present the restaurant is only open for take-away. The  bottle shop will continue to trade.

Trigger points for the reopening of the main club facilities and the dining room are subject to advice from Clubs NSW.

Andrew Gordon President THCC Men’s Golf



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THCC Board Report May 19 2020

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Fellow Members

On Tuesday 19 May the board ad the first opportunity to meet with sporting sub-club

presidents for some months as a group. The Board considered it essential to re-engage face to face

and brief the sub club presidents on the THCC response to the COVID 19 public health emergency.

Click on attached link for a full report.

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Vets Golf Single Stableford Event

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With the relaxation of rules involving golfing groups, a good field of 65 players registered for the Tuross Head Veterans golf single Stableford event on Wednesday 20 May. Winner on the day was Julie Barningham with 25 Stableford points, beating home Andrew Gordon and Terry Challender on count backs. David Williams took out the final major prize with 24 points, again on a count back.

Minor prizes went to Gayle Macalpine on 24, Ron Hanlon, Des Jackson and Greg Ware on 23, Sandra Hanlon on 22, and finally Warren Hodder, Blaise Madden, Peg Nevett, Chris Wratten and Bruce Martin all with 21 points.

Kathy Crossling had the honour of taking out this week’s infamous Bradman award.

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Membership Renewal Notice

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Fellow Members
In the information the Board provided on 4 May  we indicated the importance of members renewing their annual memberships and continuing to support the THCC through the COVID 19 response and into the future.

To provide just a little context for this years renewal. The club is a key resource for the community. Can you imagine the bushfire impact on the region without the club stepping up.

Similarly, arriving in Tuross and seeing the club and it’s facilities provides a “wow” factor which cannot be measured – there is no way we want the initial impression to be “what the heck happened” if we cannot sustain the club.

This is unashamedly emotional but possible.

The opportunity for members to make a positive contribution is now here, and we encourage members to renew for the 20/ 21 membership year and make a one-off donation to help the club.

A copy of the membership renewal notice is attached to this information, we will also be writing to members individually. Alternatively, if you wish, you can visit the clubs’ website, populate the form on-line, or print it off and return it to the club for processing and payment.

The fee for this renewal year are unchanged from the fees members paid for the 19/20 membership year.

There is one difference regarding the social membership fee. The minimum fee is $15.00, in addition the club would like you  to donate to support the club through this difficult financial period caused by COVID 19. In the box provided for social membership if you only wish to pay the minimum, indicate S 15.00. If however, you would like to support the club by donating an addition amount then indicate how much you would like to pay, including the basic minimum fee. For example, if you could pay $65.00 that indicates a minimum fee ($, 15.00) and a donation of $50.00.

The significance of this is that if every member  donates at least an extra $50.00 then the Board believes the club will be able to offset the significant financial losses we have suffered to date and be in a solid financial  position to resume normal trading when the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.

We thank you all for your on going support and look forward to seeing you when we can all enjoy the splendid facilities of the club again.

THCC Board

May 20 2020

To access membership renewal application forms.

Click on:


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Tuross Head Country Club Government Grant History

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Tuross Head Country Club has been successful in obtaining a further $65,000 NSW government grant to assist in improving club facilities. This latest money will be used to create shelter around the two bowling greens and to build a pathway from the lower car parking area to the workshop shed.

Some club members and  residents of the community are asking just how did this happen. Well, the hard working people involved have been approached for comment, and the following is a record of their activities. They deserve to be recognised and thanked for their efforts.

Approximately 18 months ago, Andrew Gordon, THCC men’s golf president and Steve Swanbury, golf committee member,  took it upon themselves to investigate the possibility of the THCC accessing external funding through the Grants Process available in NSW.

Following a meeting which included THCC manager Stephen Hodge, Andrew Gordon, men’s golf president and Michael Birks, past THCC president with Andrew Constance, local Member for Bega and his staff on the golf course site, they developed a strategy of trying to identify grants that could be suitable and applicable to the THCC.  Of particular interest was funding that could assist the Club in improving aged and worn infrastructure (both of a sporting and non-sporting nature) knowing full well that internal funding within the Club was extremely tight, and that any project would necessarily be of a small nature.

Once various funding organisations within, and associated with the State Government of NSW had been identified, they proceeded with applying for a range of grants available. Over that time a number of applications were lodged – some unsuccessful. However, the club enjoyed success with a $46,000 grant from the “My Community Project Grant” which resulted in the recent resurfacing and line marking of the THCC Carpark. Many will remember the pot-holed and dilapidated nature of the carpark and the money required to ameliorate this was significant. The support from both club members, along with many from the local community was tremendous. Who can forget the incredibly difficult voting process?  Thankfully this type of grant process is unlikely to be repeated.

Once a number of further applications had been lodged, a fairly solid platform had been established which could be used to target various types of grants.  Feedback was always sought from any unsuccessful application, and this allowed future applications to be modified.

Tuross Head Country Club lost no time in arranging for Downer EDI Mogo to lay 30mm hot mix over the damaged surface car park.

Colin Fletcher from the bowlers was consulted about improving the bowling facilities, as they form an integral part of the overall sporting infrastructure of the THCC along with the golf course. Colin was able to identify various aspects of the bowling facilities that required updating or replacement, and worked hard in obtaining quotes for various works.

In March of this year it was learnt that they had been successful in attaining $65,000 through the “Building Community Partnerships Grant Round.” This application was lodged by Mike Birks, now THCC 2019  past club president, in September last year. The money is for new shade infrastructure for both bowling greens and will provide an access pathway across the 6th Fairway from the lower carpark to the machinery shed.   In the current COVID-19 environment, it is both gratifying and pleasing to know that external government agencies believe  there is a strong future for the THCC by investing in their future.

The money for the shade infrastructure should arrive in the next couple of weeks and work is expected to commence in removing the aged and rusted existing structure immediately.  The building of the access pathway should commence soon after under the supervision of the Course Superintendent, Tim Watson.

Men’s golf president Andrew Gordon reports “Prior to the two government grants, we were successful (on behalf of the Golf Sub-clubs) in attaining a $3,000 grant from Golf NSW which has been used to improve drainage on the 8th fairway. This project is part-way complete through the great work of Tim Watson and his course maintenance team and should be completed shortly.

As part of the process, an officer from Golf NSW attended to assess our application first-hand. He wrote highly of the THCC Golf Course and the work that the ground-staff had achieved since his previous visit some three years before, and he had no hesitation in supporting our application for funding.”

Along the way the management and the board  purchased the now familiar Ventrac Tractor Mower and men’s golf purchased outright a new Kubota Rough Mower – a total of $73,000 of new equipment.

The Tuross Head crew (from left) Tyson Hastie, assistant Ben Hewison, superintendent Tim Watson, Terry Beales and Richard Kelly.

This has enabled the ground-staff to work more efficiently and achieve the incredible results that we now see in the improved playing surface of the golf course.

Mention must be made of the fabulous work of our men and women volunteers who tend and maintain gardens, assist in laying concrete paths and the various working bees that are arranged to maintain and improve our sporting facilities.
It has been a lot of work, but extremely satisfying when you see the changes around the club in the past couple of years.

One of the many works carried out by club volunteers.

STOP PRESS: May 26 2020

The first instalment of the Building Community Partnerships Grant has been received by the THCC.

Work is underway to achieve the maximum benefit with the money and it is expected that demolition of the old shade structure will occur in the coming months along with construction of the new structure.

Once this has been done, the final monetary instalment will be sought to complete the access pathways.

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Vets Golf Par Event

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Despite very cool early morning temperatures a good field of 59 players registered for the Tuross Head Vets golf Par event over nine holes. Winner on the day was Ross Hendy with a magnificent score of +6. Allen Lee edged out Ken Brown on count back to take the runner up position with both players recording scores of +4. Rounding out the major prize winners was Ian Wratten with a score of +3, beating home 3 other equal scores on count back.

Minor prizes went to Bruce Martin, Rob Nash and Lance Shadbolt all on +3, Paul Green, Neal Watson and Kathy Crossling with +2s, and finally Dorothy Madden and Stephen Crossling with +1.

The infamous Bradman award was a closely fought out affair with Solveig Olsson just edging out Ron Hanlon on count back.

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Steve Johnston: Tuross stableford winner

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Competition golf is  running smoothly at Tuross Head with the ladies playing each Tuesday, the veteran

ladies and men competing on Wednesday, a medley event  is held each Thursday and the men’s

competition is held every Saturday.

The new golfing rules and procedures have fallen into place, have been accepted, and are working well.

Golfers are taking every opportunity to get out and enjoy a round of golf on a well maintained course.


Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf competition held on Saturday resulted in a win for Steve Johnston.

Steve won the stableford event with a stableford score of 37 points.

Ian Kingston filled second placing with 35 stableford points on a countback from Brad Doolan,

Darrell Kildey and Andrew Gordon who all handed in cards with the same score.

Balls were awarded down to 30 points.


Thursday’s medley stableford round was won by men’s club president Andrew Gordon with an excellent score of 39 points

ahead of Ian McManus and Paul Israel both on 36 points.

Ted Quinlan, Teri Swanbury and Richard Brake each scored 35 points.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown



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THCC Golf Program April 2020

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Golf Time Schedules

Ladies Golf: Tuesday 8.30 am for 9.00 am hit off.

Ladies and men Thursday Competition: Arrange time to suit.

Ladies and men vets:  Wednesday 8.30 am then time to suit.

Men Saturday Competition: Booking time to suit.


The new restrictions which are now in place:

  1. If you are unwell in any way you are not permitted to participate in any form of golf.
  1. Social Distancing to be obeyed at all times.
  2. 1 person per Golf Cart (except if playing with spouse)
  3. No touching or removing the flagstick, the holes have a pool

noodle placed in them to stop the ball going to the bottom of the hole.

A temporary rule is in place which reads “If the ball goes

in the hole and bounces off the pool noodle it is to be classed as being holed”.

  1. No swapping of score cards, each player is to mark their own

card and score their playing partner.

Verify each other’s score at the completion of the round.

Only the player’s signature is required on the card.

  1. No shaking hands (or high fiving) during or after your round.

Obey social distancing guidelines.

  1. After your round please place your card directly into the Vets

score card box located on the BBQ bench.

Cards will collected and results determined post game.

  1. There will be no rakes in the bunkers.
  2. Bunkers will be preferred lies.
  3. You are asked to try and tidy the bunker with your shoe or club.
  1. There will be no NTPs or accuracy awards.

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Vets Golf Stableford Event

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Fifty seven veteran golfers took advantage of a beautiful autumn morning and registered for today’s Single Stableford event over nine holes. Winner on the day was Neil Mather with a score of 21 points, winning on count backs from Steve Collins and Ian McManus, both with the same 21 point scores. Rounding out the major prize winners was Ann Ware on 20 points, again with a count back required.

Minor prizes went to Richard Kelly and Greg Smith on 20, Jeanette Miller, Sandra Hanlon, Ray Downey, Rick Brake and Leonie Snodgrass on 19, and finally Kathy Crossling on 18 with yet another count back required.

The infamous Bradman award was taken out by the Vets lowest handicapper, Ken Brown, who clearly struggled with the fast greens presented on the day.

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