Autumn Carnival Reults

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The welcome rain this week has been unfortunate for the annual Autumn Bowls Carnival held at Tuross Head. Two of the planned four days had to be called off due to the rain. It is the first time in many years that the Carnival has been affected by rain. Two of the events were completed with the mixed pairs and the open pairs played in the wonderful weather before the change arrived late on Tuesday evening.

Twenty sides competed for the Tuross Pharmacy sponsored mixed pairs with local sides dominating the results. Alan and Karen Skelton won the event with two wins and a healthy shots margin. Regular visitors from Canberra, Mort and Kate Schipp, were the runners up while Peter and Irene Macdonald came third. Ray and Margaret Downey had the best last game margin and took home the final prize

Twenty two sides competed for the Hallmark Real Estate Open Pairs with visiting teams taking out the major prizes. The event was very evenly contested with only four teams managing to win all three of their games. Chris Godwin from Ulladulla teamed with Michael Corby from Canberra to take out the major prize. They survived a big scare in their final game against locals Doreen Monks and Sue Fahey where they trailed until picking up 5 shots on the second last end. Overall they had 3 wins and a margin of 28 shots to take first prize. Canberrans Dale Budnick and Shaun Allen finished strongly to take second prize with 3 wins and a margin of 25 shots.

Third place went to the local side of Bill Birch – playing in his first ever bowls carnival – and Mick Atkinson. They won their 3 games and had a points margin of plus 17. This was a great result for the duo with Birch flourishing on the guidance he is receiving from Atkinson. The best last game margin went to the pairing of Melbourne visitor, Gary Baker, and local John Fahey.

A big thanks to all of the local businesses who supported the Carnival either through sponsorships or donations for the daily raffles.

Meanwhile the 2021 Pennant season has finished on a disappointing note with both of the Tuross sides suffering big defeats by the sides that have taken out their respective grades.

The Grade 5 side travelled to Malua Bay still with the chance of grabbing the title. They needed to take all of the 10 points available to ‘pip’ the locals on the post. However, the Malua Bay side continued their dominance over Tuross in 2021 winning the encounter 9 – 1 after winning 2 of the 3 rinks. Rita Downie, Sue Fahey, Denise Lidbury and Carol Williams continued their very successful year recording the only Tuross success on the day.

The Grade 6 side hosted Braidwood and found the competition leaders far too strong. Braidwood won all three rinks and won 10 – 0. When Braidwood heard that in another match Malua Bay defeated Tomakin 10 – 0 they found that they had managed to win this grade. Unfortunately losses in their last two games cost Tomakin dearly.

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Round 8 Pennant Results

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Round 8 of the 2021 Pennant Season was critical for the four sides playing at Tuross. In Grade 5 Tuross played Moruya in a must win game for the locals while in Grade 6 Tuross took on ladder leaders, Tomakin, seeking a big improvement on their previous performances. Both clashes proved to be very close affairs with upset results in both grades!

In Grade 5 Moruya were fresh from a good win over ladder leaders Malua Bay and were keen to repeat the dose against Tuross. As the game progressed Moruya held the upper hand in two of the three rinks and the combined scores favoured the visitors by a narrow margin. Carol Williams’ team continued their good form and recorded another win despite losing their way in the middle of the game. They won 16 -13. Joel Hilliard’s rink struggled early but staged a great fightback to manage a 17 all draw. John Monks’ team started well but found the Moruya skip, Mark Smith, in great form. They went down 21 – 13.

Moruya won the game with an overall score of 51 – 46. They scored 8.5 points and Tuross had to settle for 1.5 points. They now have the challenge of beating Malua Bay 10 – 0 in the final round to progress to the Zone playoffs.

The Grade 6 match also had a thrilling finish with the sides being separated by only 3 shots after the 63 ends played. The Tuross side struggled early in the season but have shown good improvement over the last few rounds. They had a real challenge against the leading side in the Grade – Tomakin. While little separated the sides, Tuross was performing particularly well on Stuart Graham’s rink. In the end their good 25 – 17 win proved the difference as Tomakin had close wins on the other two rinks. Allan Etheredge’s team looked to have done enough to win but they dropped 10 shots over the last four ends to go down 23 – 25. Irene Macdonald’s side fought back from a slow start and, despite winning more ends, went down 18 – 15.

Tuross have made it hard for Tomakin recording a narrow 60 – 63 win. Tuross picked up 8 points while Tomakin only managed 2. The point score in this grade has tightened with 4 of the 5 sides with a change to make the Zone playoffs. The final three rounds will be very interesting.

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Peter Macdonald 2021 Club Champion!

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Peter Macdonald is the new Tuross Head Men’s Bowls Club Champion following an outstanding win in the final of the 2021 Major Singles Championship. After excellent wins in their respective semi-final matches, Macdonald had the challenge of playing 2019 Champion Noel Downie – and did he rise to the challenge!

From the outset Macdonald was focussed on the task. He quickly found his weight and line and was able to get the better of the very tight opening ends. Downie was competing well at this stage but Macdonald was managing to narrowly win the ends. He established a lead of 8 – 2 before the first real move in the game. Over the next six ends Macdonald dominated play and he extended his lead to 20 – 3.

Despite his good advantage, Macdonald was aware that Downie is a very tenacious opponent and that things could turn around quickly – and it did! Downie showed his fighting spirit as he chipped away at the deficit. After another 9 tough ends the margin was reduced to 23 – 17 and the pressure on both players grew.

It was at this stage of the game that Macdonald played the really important bowls. On several ends Downie held the advantage only to see Macdonald play a great bowl to grab the shot or at least restrict any damage. In the end Macdonald took the title with a 31 – 19 victory.

It is a great reward for Macdonald who started the game as underdog but showed he has the game to compete with the best players in the Club. It was only last year that he won the Minor Singles after featuring in the final several times. This time he took the Major event in his first final!! The foundation of his win was consistently high standard draw bowling supported by his ability and confidence to play judicious on shots when required. Downie competed hard but he was the first to admit that he was out played on the day. Congratulations to both players for a great game in front of good crowd of supporter

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Busy Weekend for Pennant Players

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It has been a very busy time for pennant players with two rounds completed on the weekend. On Saturday Round 6 was played while on Sunday the washed out games in Round 5 were completed.

In Round 6 the Tuross Grade 5 side played Malua Bay at home while the Grade 6 side had a bye. The game played on Saturday proved to be a very exciting game with the two sides unable to be separated after the 63 ends played. Both clubs had one team dominating but the third rink was a very tight affair. As a result the score on the key ‘main board’ was pretty close throughout the afternoon. As it happened the close game was the last to finish. With two ends to play Tuross lead 18 – 13 on this rink and 64 – 56 on the main board. To their credit the Malua Bay players really responded to the challenge and played some great bowls to pick up 4 shots on the second last end. Then, on the last end, the Malua Bay skipper played an excellent bowl with his last bowl to pick up another 4 shots!

The scores finished 64 all. On the back of winning two rinks Malua Bay recorded a narrow points victory. They picked up five and a half points while Tuross had to be content with four and a half. This means that their clash in Round 9 will be critical.

On Sunday the Grade 5 side travelled to Moruya while the Grade 6 side hosted Malua Bay. The Grade 5 side had a better result picking up 9 points to 1. They won two of the three rinks and had a combined score of 70 shots to 53. Michael Challice, Marcel Kors, Peter Macdonald and Joel Hilliard bounced back after a loss on Saturday to win 32 – 11. Rita Downie, Lou Kozlik, Sue Fahey and Carol Williams also hit back with a 22 – 15 win while Lorrie Bird, Doug Williams, Noel Downie and John Fahey went down 27 – 16.

The Grade 6 game at Tuross was a very even affair. After leading well early in the contest, Tuross had to hold off a very strong finish from Malua Bay to record a close victory. Two of the Tuross rinks set up big leads and managed to hold on well to record good wins. Bruce Magilton, Mick Atkinson, Ray Downey and Irene Macdonald won 21 – 16. Jim Madden, Alan Skelton, Rose Farrington and Allan Etheredge won 24 – 17. Len Downie, Des Jackson, Col Fletcher and Stuart Graham had a harder day and went down 24 – 14.

It was with some relief for the local players that they recorded their first overall win of the season. The final combined score was 59 shots to 57. Winning two rinks meant that they picked up 9 shots to Malua Bay’s 1.

Next week both sides are on the road with Grade 5 playing Dalmeny and Grade 6 playing Narooma.

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Major Singles Semi Final Results

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The finalists for the 2021 Major Singles Championship at Tuross Head Bowling Club have been determined following two very interesting semi final clashes.

In a replay of the 2020 final, Noel Downie played Joel Hilliard and was able to turn the tables on the defending Champion. Though slow to start, Downie was soon controlling the game. In his previous matches in the championship he seemed to be playing below his best. However, he was back to his very best in this game. He drew beautifully and made life very difficult for Hilliard. Hilliard was forced to play several ‘on shots’ as Downie dominated the head. Unfortunately, he was not having much success with one of his signature shots.

The players stayed reasonably close for the first half of the match with Downie holding a 12 – 10 lead. At this stage Downie started to turn his dominance into scoreboard pressure. His lead went out to 25 – 12 and he was able to go on to win 31 – 17.

Downie will play Peter Macdonald in the final after Macdonald had a thrilling win over John Fahey. Fahey started well and held a 10 – 4 lead before the momentum of the match changed. Macdonald slowly gained the upper hand as he moved to a 20 – 13 lead. A second momentum swing occurred as Fahey clawed his way back into the game.

The game was heading for a thrilling finish as Fahey drew level at 25 all. The players shared the next four ends and the scored moved to 28 all. Fahey took the lead on the next head for the first time in 22 ends when he moved to 29 – 28. Fahey looked to have the next end before Macdonald played the bowl of the match. Down at least one shot he played a calculated ‘on shot’ with his third bowl and it had the perfect result. He was able to move Fahey’s bowls out of the head and when Fahey was unable to convert a very difficult shot to limit the damage, Macdonald scored the 3 shots he needed to win the match!

The final should be an excellent match with both Downie and Macdonald playing great bowls. They both will be aiming to use their strength in consistently good draw bowls to dominant the head and put pressure on their opponent!

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Major Singles Semi Finalists Determined

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The Major Singles Championship finally started after a two week delay due to the wet weather. Unfortunately, the delay to the event resulted in a couple of players having to withdraw. After the weekend the semi-finalists have been decided with a strong group of players emerging to battle for the title of 2021 Club Champion.

Defending Champion, Joel Hilliard, demonstrated he has his sights on a second title with a very impressive win over Peter Davies – himself a defending Champion. In their round 2 match Davies started the better but Hilliard quickly settled down and he gradually took control. Hilliard built up a 17 – 8 lead before Davies struck back to reduce the margin to 17 – 13. However, Hilliard was able to regain the momentum and he was able to take out the game 31 – 18. Hilliard received a round 1 forfeit while Davies had a very entertaining win over Lou Kozlik. The remarkable Kozlik, at the age of 88, made Davies work hard over 34 ends to win 31 – 19.

Another former Champion, Noel Downie, is into another semi-final but only after he survived two very tight matches. In round one Doug Williams made him battle hard. Downie had a narrow 19 – 18 lead before he took control to win 31 – 18. He had an even harder battle in the second round game against Jonathan Green. This was a real nail biter! After leading 9 – 0, Downie soon found himself down 14 – 10. The game then became a real arm wrestle with the lead changing several times. Downie seemed to have made the crucial break when he moved to 28 -24 but Green struck back again and the two players went into the last end with Downie ahead 30 – 29. Experience proved the difference when Downie won this end to win 31 – 29!

John Monks and Mick Challice played a very high quality match in their round one clash with the result in the balance right to the end. Challice started well and led 10 -3 before Monks levelled at 10 all. The remainder of the match was very close with little separating the two players. Monks made a crucial break when he moved into sight of victory at 28 – 24. But Challice won the next four ends to be one shot from victory at 30 – 28. However, Monks had the last say winning the next two ends to grab a hard fought victory 31 – 30.

Monks started his round 2 game with John Fahey well and held the upper hand as he built up a 18 – 13 lead. It was then that Fahey turned the game on its head. He started to draw beautifully and won 10 of the next 11 ends to record an excellent 31 – 20 victory.

Peter Macdonald will play Fahey in the semi-finals after he was far too consistent for Bruce Magilton in their round 2 clash. Macdonald received a forfeit in round 1 while Magilton had a bye. Macdonald started well and was able to hold off any challenge Magilton mounted to win 31 – 15.

The other semi-final will be a replay of the 2020 Final with Joel Hilliard playing Noel Downie.

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Round Three Pennant Results – March 6 2021

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It was a very tough day on the green for both of the Tuross sides in round 3 of the 2021 Pennants. The Grade 5 side travelled to Malua Bay and found the hosts far too strong. The Grade 6 side were also on the road when they played Tomakin who also proved too strong.

The Grade 5 side could only manage to win one rink with Joel Hilliard’s team maintaining their unbeaten run. Their win was based on excellent defensive bowls with their opponents struggling to score multiple shots. They won 20 -14. Carol Williams’ team won their share of ends but could not pick up the shots needed. The difference proved to be two ends where they dropped four shots on both. They went down 20 -11. John Monk’s side lost their unbeaten run with a heavy 30 – 7 defeat.

Malua Bay had a convincing 64 to 36 aggregate shots victory which earned them 9 pennant points. Tuross had to be satisfied with 1 pennant point from their sole rink victory.

All three of the Grade 6 teams started very slowly and they were heading for a massive defeat. After 33 of the total 63 ends to be played Tomakin had established a very commanding lead of 47 to 13. However, the Tuross sides fought back well on all three rinks and gradually narrowed the gap. At the 57 end mark Tomakin’s lead had been cut to just 8 shots at 56 – 48 and it was anyone’s match. Tomakin was able to hold on and they won 64 – 52.

The Tuross rink of Des Jackson, Mick Atkinson, Ray Downey and Lorrie Bird performed very well to go from 15 – 8 down to win their rink 20 – 16. Irene Macdonald’s team had the chance to snatch a come from behind win as well but lost the last end to go down 21 – 18. Allan Etheredge’s team fought back from 19 – 1 down to 21 – 14 with two ends to play. However, their opponents finished strongly to win 27 -14. Tomakin won the tie 9 – 1.

Next week the Grade 5 side are at home to Dalmeny while the Grade 6 have to make the long trip to play Braidwood at Braidwood. The Club’s Major Singles Championship will start next Sunday – March 14.

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Bowls Pennant Season Commences

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After the disruption caused to the 2020 Pennant season by the pandemic, bowlers are pleased to be back playing inter Club matches with the commencement of the 2021 pennant season. Tuross Head have two sides – one in Grade 4 and the other in Grade 6.

The season commenced on February 20 with the Grade 5 side travelling to Dalmeny to record a narrow victory. Grade 6 had a bye. The clash in Dalmeny was very tight with the critical ‘big board’ – the aggregate score – close throughout the game. A big finish by the Tuross team of Mick Challice, Peter Macdonald, Denise Lidbury and Joel Hilliard proved the difference. They scored 11 shots in their last 4 ends to go from down 10 – 14 to record a 20 – 14 win. This enabled the Tuross side to consolidate a very narrow 46 to 42 margin after 54 ends to a 60 to 51 victory after the total of 63 ends. John Monks’ team managed to hang on to win 24 – 17 while Carol Williams lost 16 to 20. Tuross scored 9 pennant points to 1 for Dalmeny.

In Round 2 – played on February 27 – the Grade 5 side had another win when they got the better of Moruya. Once again Joel Hilliard’s team lead the way with a very big win – 34 – 9.
John Monks had another close finish but held on to win 17 – 14. Carol William’s team had a great battle on their rink. They managed to score 2 shots on the final end to see the game end 17 all. Tuross won the tie 68 shots to 40 and picked up 9.5 pennant points to Moruya’s 0.5.

The Grade 6 side had a tough start to the season being well beaten by Narooma. The Narooma teams dominated the tie and had convincing wins on 2 of the 3 rinks. The Tuross team of Bruce Magilton, Ben Hewison, Marcel Kors and Irene Macdonald provided the one highlight of the day with a fighting win on their rink. After trailing early they fought back to dominate the middle section of the game. After 16 ends they led 24 – 13. Their Narooma opponents had their own revival and with an end to play Tuross had a slender 24 – 23 lead. The final end was tense. As the skips prepared to bowl Narooma held the advantage and were in the position to snatch a win. With her first bowl Macdonald was able to put the jack in the ditch. The tension grew as the umpire was needed to determine whether the jack was still in play or whether the end was ‘dead’ and had to be replayed. The jack was in by the smallest of margins and, despite the best efforts of the Narooma skip, Tuross won the end by 3 shots and the game 27 – 23!

Narooma won overall by 73 – 53 and picked up 9 pennant points while Tuross scored 1. Next week Grade 5 travels to Malua Bay and Grade 6 is also on the road to Tomakin.

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Brian Currie Wins Barry Sloane Memorial Lightning Singles Trophy

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Brian Currie has taken out the 2020 Barry Sloane Memorial Lightning Singles Championship following a full day of exciting bowling. Twenty four players competed for the sought after trophy played in the ‘sets format’. The event is played over two sets each of five ends with a ‘one end’ tie break if needed. The preliminary rounds were a round robin with the players in eight groups of three. The 8 players with the best scores then moved into a three round knock-out.

Peter Macdonald started his quarter-final against Peter Davies very well but stumbled on the last end of the first set to go down 5 – 4. Davies then dominated the next set to claim victory. Ben Hewison proved too strong for the defending champion – Noel Downie – and had a strong 2 set to nil win. Brian Currie had a great battle with Lorraine Wake. He grabbed 2 shots on the last end of the first set to claim a draw. He then fought back to claim the second set 6 -3 to move into the semi-finals. Mick Challice continued his impressive form to account for Lou Kozlik.

Challice played very well in his semi-final in an outstanding game with Hewison. Most of the heads in this game were very tight with little between the two players. Great draw bowling from Challice allowed him to apply pressure every end. He won both sets to progress to the final.

Currie had a great match with Peter Davies. In a low scoring first set, Davies played an outstanding ‘on-shot’ with his last bowl to share the set 3 all. Currie started well in the second set and led 3 – 1 after 3 ends. On the fourth end, Davies looked to have the advantage before Currie moved the jack to enable him to pick up two shots and a 5 – 1 advantage. Davies needed a miracle on the last end but his chance evaporated when he put his first bowl in the ditch. He conceded with Currie excited to make the final.

The final between Currie and Challice, two of our newer bowlers, was very exciting with both players in fine form. Challice drew first blood when he came from behind to grab the first set 5 – 4. He scored 3 shots on the last end to achieve this. He then rammed home the advantage when he picked up all 4 shots on the first end of the second set. Currie then showed his fighting qualities. He recovered from the two bad ends to take the next four to win the second set 8 – 4 and force the final into a tie breaker. This end was very close but Currie was able to get the shot and win the trophy.

Well done to both players who survived a long day of bowling action – they had each played five intense matches – and were still bowling at their best after 50 plus ends. This is a first championship victory for Currie and he found it hard to hide his excitement!!

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Great Finish to Consistency Singles Championship

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The final Championship event for 2020 has been completed with Noel Downie winning an epic final of the Consistency Singles against Stan Peck. The recent rain caused havoc with the scheduling of this event. In one rescheduled match Noel Downie proved too strong for John Monks winning their game 150 to 120. The two semi-finals were very similar in how they played out. Downie controlled his game with Ray Downey leading all the way to record a 151 – 119 victory. Stan Peck also controlled his clash with Chris Coddington winning 154 – 126.

The Final was a classic match. Peck started well but by the 11th end the scores were locked at 50 all. Peck then skipped away to open up a 90 – 70 advantage. The momentum then swung to Downie who clawed away at the lead and by the 22nd end the scores were again equal at 110 all. Downie then skipped away to a 140 – 130 lead with just 3 ends to play. On the next end Peck hit back with 10 points to once again tie the scores up at 140 all. Downie won the next end 6 – 4 to give him a slight advantage. The last end was extremely tight with Peck having a chance to grab a win with his last bowl. Unfortunately for him, his bowl was just wide of the mark. The players shared the points on the end – the 5 points enough to give Downie a 151 to 149 victory.

The final was a great game between two of the most consistent and skilful players of the singles format in the Club. Congratulations to both players.

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