Tuross Head Men’s Shed: Take a Bow

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Tuross Head Men’s shed have constructed new sand  boxes with recycling receptacles for every tee on the course. Mike Birks designed, Men’s Shed created.

This new feature has along with the new cart paths given the whole course another major lift. Such a bold golf course innovation has created interest from some notable golfing  institutions, in particular Huntingdale in Victoria and of  all places a course in Augusta America that wanted Men’s Shed to manufacture 48   boxes as they have a tournament in April and their present sand  boxes look a bit shabby in comparison.

Anticipating demand Mike Birks has 3 patents pending so anyone wanting to copy will have to pay big time.     Huntingdale are still interested but the club in Augusta Georgia want a   pensioner discount as it states that almost all their members are old blokes and that after they had donated to the Trump campaign they are all a bit short of the readies.

So Men’s Shed Tuross “Take a Bow”. A great job well done.

Tuross Golf are claiming another local golfing hero to stand along side our Brendon Jones and Brad Doolan, Lachlan Nordsvan from Canberra is also a Tuross member.

He has been playing our course every school holiday ever since he was not even knee high to a grass hopper. He was so small that one time when the mower broke down it took father Michael five minuets to find him in the rough.       A valuable lesson as Lachie has never hit a ball into the rough since. With a handicap quickly heading towards zero many members are wanting to play with the Nordsvans. In years to come they want to be able to say that “Yes I used to play with the great Lauchie Nordsvan” and I actually taught him a lot of what he knows today.

Sounds familiar Brendon?

Oh by the way Lauchie is 14 years 9 months of age.

This feature is contributed by Miss Information a roving club  reporter. Miss Information is a new contributor to our

media group. Please make her/him welcome.

Lachlan Nordsvan with Tuross Club captain Peter Nikolic.

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NRMA Highway to Heaven

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TUROSS HEAD. Along the beach, washed-up driftwood records the tidemarks in scraggly arcs. Some is regulation sun-bleached grey, but much is blackened – a remnant of the catastrophic bushfires that hit the NSW south coast in early 2020. The sea might have no memory, but the shoreline remembersall. The scene is hopeful though, in an odd way. While nature discards its charred memories on the cove’s crusted sands, locals have made little huts out of the unburnt driftwood, as if to signify a rebuilding process. The sun also brings a sense of warmth and renewal.

On the first morning of our trip we happen upon an echidna foraging in the flower beds behind our cabin. The kids watch on with delight as it digs up an ants’ nest and shoves its entire face in the hole, its long sticky tongue extracting subterranean sustenance. “We’ll have to come back here one day” is up there with “I’m going to finish restoring this old car” for statements liable to raise doubt, but my wife and I beat the odds. We’ve returned to Tuross Head after an eight-year interval. Situated about 40 minutes south of  Batemans Bay, it huddles amongst some of the best natural wonders the NSW south coast has to offer.

Our previous visit was a brief stop as we recreated the road trip described in John O’Grady’s classic Aussie novel Gone Fishin’ (1962). This time we plan to experience the town properly. Standing on the shores of Coila Lake, I once again admire its breeze-rippled waters deepening from tea-coloured shallows to indigo depths. A squadron of pelicans off to the left discusses the day’s catch. In the foreground, ancient volcanic rocks protrude from the earth, while front and centre rests a large piece of weathered driftwood. Mountain ranges in the distance cut a jagged purple horizon across the cloudless sky.

No matter where you venture around Tuross Head, there seems to be similar visual richness. It’s a landscape painter’s paradise. If you only have an hour or two to spare, start at Coila Bar Beach and follow Tuross Boulevarde on its course around the head. It passes several points of interest, including a war memorial, the aptly named One Tree Point (which also offers fine views across the southern end of town) and a whale burial site. The unfortunate mammal washed up in 1980 and, rather than blow it up, the local council buried it in nearby McWilliam Park where it now forms a grassy mound beside the water. The site can be somewhat tricky to spot while driving but you’ll find it opposite 25 Tuross Boulevarde.


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Veteran golfers return to normal routine

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Veteran golf captain, Ian Miller advises “As alluded to in earlier emails, arrangements are being put in place to return our Vets golf to normal operations from the first game in 2021. As part of this please find attached a program of events for 2021”.

From January we will return to our 8.30am shotgun starts and play a wider range of golfing events than we have been doing. For the newer members of Vets, and certainly for those players joining us post March, all players register to play between 7.45 and 8.15am, and are assigned playing partners and starting holes from which to tee off as part of the registration process. Annette Manton has kindly offered to continue the hole assignment role. Please note the importance of registering before 8.15am as the Starters require ample time to count and record details of monies collected before themselves having to make their way to their assigned tee for an 8.30am tee off.

With the resumption of regular arrangements there comes a slight sting in the tail! With two starters at the table and with raffle ticket sales resuming, we will be reverting to our standard game cost of $12 per player ($10 was charged during COVID arrangements for simplicity and contact reduction purposes only). That $12 automatically buys you one raffle ticket – additional tickets may be purchased at $1 per ticket.

From the first game in January we will again be playing for Nearest The Pin (NTP) prizes on the 4th, 6th and 7th holes as before, as well as for the Accuracy drive on the 5th. Players will be asked to take out and bring back NTP and Accuracy markers as in the past.

No decision has been made at this time on resuming tea and coffee post game as there remain some contact issues to be addressed. Further news on this over coming weeks. We will however hold our post game presentations downstairs with the opportunity to catch up with others, perhaps hear a joke or two, and without doubt be subjected to Mr Meany fines. Our raffle draws will also resume during presentations.

Whilst all this is god news I hear you say, please bear in mind our ongoing responsibility to maintain some social distancing and other safety practices whilst in each other’s company.

I will be separately writing to our volunteer starters with a roster and updated starter instructions for the coming year.

Ian Miller

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Far South Coast Veteran’s Golf Report

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Herb Muriwai, newly elected president of the Far South Coast Veteran Golfers Association reports that “After a nine month covid induced wait, vets golf on the far south coast will restart on the 29th January at the very popular Garden of Eden course”.

“A field of in excess of sixty players have so far committed to take on the challenging Eden layout. Senior golfers wanting to join in the fun are asked to contact Club Captain, Mike Allen at [email protected]

Through the year all the great South Coast golf courses, including Tuross Head, from Moruya to Eden are played at a special vets price rate.
A new executive have been voted in to administer the club which we hope will continue on in the same friendly and positive manner as the very successful golf Christmas dinner day held at Bermagui.

The committee offers a big thank you to all the staff from Bermagui Golf Club. Yes we have booked for next December already.

The club is in a very sound financial position and the new executive have many new and exciting ideas that will be discussed at the next delegates meeting to be held at Bermagui on Monday 18th January 11.00 am.

It is interesting to note that the elected executive  are all Tuross Head Country Club Veterans Golf members.

Far South Coast Vets executive:
President: Herb Muriwai
Club Captain: Mike Allen
Treasurer: Mike Birks
Secretary: Derek Hoare

Photo: Club committe members Mike Allen, Derek Hoare and Herb Muriwai

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Ian Miller presents Vets captain’s report for Year 2020

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Well, what a year this has been!! It started with bushfires, was followed by floods, and now the pandemic.

Despite all this, our Vets golf at Tuross has flourished. Our average numbers since Vets resumed in late March has been 63, up from the mid to high 50s of previous years.

Perhaps this can be attributed in some small way to the “exercise” we were all allowed to do during many months of restrictions, and possibly also to travel bans !

Since my last report we sadly lost 3 players in Kay McLeod together with Lyn and Denis Benger, and saw our senior players Tim Starr and Noel Fletcher retired to their lounge chairs. We have however welcomed new players in Peter and Paul Coffey, Ross Richardson and Peter Frost. Welcome to you all.

One of the more satisfying aspects of being Captain over the past year has been the way you, the very core of our great Vets golfing group, have willingly and without complaint adapted to the changes and restrictions necessarily forced upon us. I know we all miss the post game gatherings, and, like you, I look forward to their resumption as and when we are able to do so.

I’d like to acknowledge the very significant financial contributions you’ve all made over the over the past 9 months or so, particularly towards the COVID levy introduced to support  essential course maintenance whilst the parent club struggled with no income for a period of time, and also in owning up to Mr Meany fines even before teeing off. These latter donations have been well above the norm collected post game, and have largely paid for your lunch and refreshments today. Thank you.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the great work of Tim Watson and his team for the efforts they put in to providing a great course for us each week. I also acknowledge the personal sacrifices they each had to make during the shutdown period. Guys, we all owe you.

My final act as Captain for the current year is to announce results and present awards to the winners and runners up of our recently concluded 2020 Vets Championships. For the Ladies, the winner with a two round net score of 55 was Jennifer Gray. Runner up was Jeanette Miller. For the Men, Steve Gardner had 2 steady rounds to win with a net score of 54, with Bruce Martin as runner up.

Could I ask you all to acknowledge their achievements as I invite the players to come forward to receive their awards.

This ladies and gentlemen concludes my report and I move that it be accepted.

Ian Miller

Vets Golf Captain



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Vets Golf Presidents AGM Report 2020

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Vets Golf Club AGM 2nd December 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated our lives this year. It has stopped international and national travel. It has changed the ways we gather socially. It has raised our awareness of healthy habits for fear of contamination. And it has prevented us meeting as a whole club for presentations. But it did not stop our golf for more than a few weeks.

Captain Ian has ensured Vets Golf continued throughout this pandemic, providing us all with safe ways of playing our games. His care and attention to detail has enabled us to keep the ball rolling when, at times, there may have been nothing to do on Wednesdays!      His single mindedness and willing availability is worthy of our gratitude.Thanks Ian, and may your new shoulders bear no more burdens than those of our captaincy.

And you as members have maintained your commitment to the games. Vets is a very strong and resilient institution of the Tuross Country Club and community. Even more so as we enter a new era in helping the Far South Coast Vets Golf Association (FSCVGA) move forward under the leadership of Herb Muriwai. While there have been few opportunities for FSCVGA games, there is strong desire amongst Tuross Head players for its continuation.
Congratulations and good luck to Herb and his team.

The Vets Club commitment to its sport and social life is further evidenced by members’ contributions to Mr Meany, even without apparent cause or faulty play. However it may turn out to be a way players have ridden themselves of guilt for their poor shots and bad
behaviour. If so, you are forgiven!

Your Committee has fulfilled its meagre obligations this year. I have wondered myself about our usefulness under the Covid-19 circumstances. However Treasurer Henry Anderson has faithfully managed the accounts, and the December/January Christmas holiday Ranger and Reception rosters were carried out. Clearly Committee tasks will return to normal as restrictions ease.

It is with deep sadness we acknowledged the deaths of Kaye McLeod, and Dennis and Lyn Benger. Senior Vets Tim Starr and Noel Fletcher are sorely missed as they have moved away to supported accommodation. I understand we will soon lose the company of Stephen and Cathy Crossling who are to move to the Southern Highlands. Thanks for your company!

I thank you all for your commitment under trying circumstances. I thank the outgoing Committee for its work, and acknowledge Ian Miller particularly as our Captain. And I hope for reconciliation of the THCC Board membership which had given us so much promise for the future.

I move the acceptance of this 2019-2020 Report.
Ian Manton

P.S.  Ian says “Just a few of the many reasons for curbing climate change”.

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Tuross welcomes the Calwell Tavern Gran C3 Fishing Club

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Tuross Head golfers found that after finishing their Saturday par event competition, and venturing into the clubhouse, all fired up to boast of their scores and best golf shots of the day, they were forced  to take a back seat when they were confronted by a large group of fishing visitors.

Dressed in blue Calwell Gran C3 club colours, loudly debating who had caught the biggest and the most fish, and with arms stretched wide to better illustrate the size, the members from this Canberra fishing club, were in town and the golfers talk of bogies and the occasional par was off little interest.

But it is always great to see people enjoying themselves and we soon found out that Terry White, speaking on behalf of the club said his merry band of 20 members had just return from a day out on the ocean abord the Narooma Nitro charter boat and had enjoyed a great day with good catches and had made Tuross their base for their three day excursion.

They had rented four homes in Monash Street  for the weekend, the Tuross Head Country Club was their survival centre for much needed food and refreshments.

Terry said on the start of their return trip to Canberra “We had a great time, a lot of fun, great fishing and we enjoyed the fellowship and the way we were welcomed at the club.”

“We will be back next year and will be joined by the Canberra Rose Cottage Fishing Club members in a  fishing competition that will make the recent USA elections look like a dainty tea party and it will all happen at Tuross.”

“We enjoyed ourselves and we liked it there. Thank you Tuross Head.”

Photo: Some of the Calwell group on the way out for a days sport.

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Veteran Golfers 2020 AGM

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Tuross Head Vets Golf Club

Date: Wednesday 2 December 2020 at 12.30pm

Venue: THCC Bistro/Dining Room

Members are warmly invited to attend the AGM which will be accompanied by a luncheon in lieu of our regular Christmas function. Sadly, guests cannot be invited this year due to Covid 19 safety restrictions and numbers. There will be no particular Christmas theme, raffles or entertainment. However, luncheon and drinks at the Meeting will be provided out of “Mr Meany” funds.

The AGM will consist of Committee and Auditor reports, the election of the 2020/2021 Committee and any General Business. Nominations for the next Committee are requested by submitting a form available at the Starters Desk.

Attendance of the AGM and luncheon will be by registering on the list provided at the Starter’s Desk. Your registration for the AGM will automatically include the luncheon.

Registration is required by Friday 20th November

Ann Ware

Hon Secretary

26th October 2020

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A message from Peter Nikolic: Men’s Golf Captain.

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Fellow Golfers 

Welcome to the Men’s 2020 Golf AGM and thank you for your attendance.

Golfing year 2019-2020 what a forgettable year. A year that started off with arguably our best ever attended Tuross Open (big thank you to our volunteers and participants over the two days) and then came the fires, the flood and COVID. The fires are out and the water has gone and thanks to the generosity of our Golf (and Bowling) members we have been able to maintain and care for our wonderful facility and Golf is still winning the battle over our COVID curse.

With a lot of hard work by the golf committee (and I thank them for their efforts) we have been able to continue with competition golf (under advice from Golf NSW) and have had increased fields in both Thursday and Saturday competitions. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for participating.

We are in the process of preparing next years golf calendar of events (with a change to a calendar year, not a financial year as in the past years) but will still need to comply with the current restrictions until advised otherwise.

A big thank you to; Tim and his staff for all their hard work maintaining and enhancing our great course.

Rob Green on opening his golf shop (and agreeing to being our Junior Golf development officer) and to all of you (our golfing community) for your continued support throughout the year.

Let’s all hope that Golf in 2021 will be the winner, enjoy your golf at THCC.

Peter Nikolic

Captain Men’s Golf

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THCC Men’s Golf President’s Report 2020

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Tuross Head Men’s Golf 2020 committee: Nigel Barling Vice-Captain, Ted Quinlan Secretary, Andrew Gordon President, Peter Nikolic Captain, David Schmid Vice President and Ian Kingston Treasurer. Absent: Steve Swanbury Golf Development.

SUNDAY OCT 11 2020

Good Morning to all and on behalf of the Current Committee of Dave Schmid, Pete Nikolic, Ian Kingston, Ted Quinlan thank you for your attendance here today. What a year!

The current term started with an extremely successful Tuross Open with record numbers participating from all over the coast. As usual, the course was in pristine condition thanks to the efforts of Tim Watson and his crew of Ben Hewison and Tyson Hastie in a period of ongoing drought conditions.

Then the Bushfires and a quick flood to be followed in biblical order the plague – COVID-19. I would like to expand on the chronology and events of COVID as I’m not sure that everyone fully understands the immediate impact of the crisis and how the Committee had to manoeuvre very quickly in its response to literally save the Course. 1) The previous THCC Board closed the Club on the advice of Clubs NSW on 20th March. This included an immediate shut-down of both the Bowling and Golf Facilities. 2) All machinery was to be hibernated and Staff were to be stood down on March 31.

The Board withdrew ALL funding for ANY ongoing maintenance of the facilities. May I remind members the grass was still growing strongly at this time. 3) Around March 24 Golf NSW advised that Golf was permissible (with some restrictions) for the purpose of exercise. With the condition of the course already deteriorating, the Committee immediately set about to develop a Financial Plan to save the Course from neglect as a result of an extended maintenance shut-down which could potentially result in the Course returning to its current/normal condition impossible. This involved: a) The introduction of the COVID Levy of $5 per person to play. This was later extended to the Bowlers when they were permitted to return by their governing bodies much later. b) A complete rethink of the existing competitions in order to try and fund the Maintenance Programme required whilst complying with COVID restrictions.

Then thank goodness, JOBKEEPER arrived and this was a complete game-changer as the THCC was able to retain the Ground-staff (it should be noted that the senior staff had to draw down on their accrued entitlements to top-up their salaries or work shorter hours). I would like to sincerely thank ALL Members who readily understood the dire situation that we found ourselves in and their support and cooperation in allowing the Committee to pursue this course of action.

Such was the success, that the Levy was dropped in late June with the Committee forming the view that sufficient funds had been accumulated to see maintenance funding through to the end of September. Sincere thanks to Tim Watson and his crew of Ben, Tyson and Callan (who joined us as a 1 st Year Apprentice in February) for their incredible commitment and work through an extremely difficult time.

Their efforts are readily seen in the current fabulous condition of the Course and completion of the major Drainage Project on the 8th and now 7th fairways (funded by grants from Golf NSW totaling $5,700). Sincere thanks is extended to the Ladies and Vet’s Golf Sub-clubs and also the Bowling Sub- clubs. The cooperation between all has been simply superb. I am in no doubt that the efforts of all have not only preserved (and in some cases improved) the Sporting Facilities, but at the same time resulted in saving the THCC.

There were times that the doors could have easily closed never to reopen. We’re not out of the woods yet but I believe there is a strong future for the Club. Whilst thanking people, on behalf of ALL Members, our gratitude is extended to those who volunteer their time collecting and processing the bottles and cans. In particular Graeme Sindel, Ron Rogers, Trevor Jones and Brad Doolan sincere thanks. Ian will have a figure on the money raised all of which will go out on the course.

Welcome to Rob Green Golf Professional. This I feel has been a real coup for the THCC in general and Golf in particular. He is settled in the new Golf Shop and thanks to Dave, Pete, Nigel Barling and Warren Hodder for getting him there. Thank you to the Men’s Shed for their cooperation in negotiating the current space.

The Grants Programme rolls on. Once Tim completes installation of the Shade-cloth system for the Bowlers, the road from the lower carpark to Tim’s shed will be complete along with pathway extension down the 6th , alongside the left of the 1st Tee and a small extension toward the 7th . Total cost $24,695 funded by the latest successful Grant Application.

A plan has been developed with Tim for the Ongoing Development of the Golf Course – a copy for your perusal is here if anyone is interested. Finally with the increasing busyness of all things Golf, the Committee has invited Steve Swanbury to join the committee in a new position of Golf Development. He will assist specifically in Grant Applications and sourcing external Sponsorship – both things have proved to be extremely valuable sources of external income for accelerating the Course Improvements.

Thank you again for all of your support over the past eventful year and I look forward to another positive year for Men’s Golf.

Andrew Gordon 


Tuross Head Men’s Golf

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