December Goblet and Christmas Party

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Photos here

December 2019

Goblet Flathead

Many brave souls risked the drive from Canberra to compete in our Goblet comp and be a part of our Christmas festivities, unfortunately the fire that’s been threatening for weeks closed the Kings Highway again on Sunday afternoon leaving some stranded.

There were 64 fish presented by 10 anglers, 6 men and 4 ladies.

The draw for the mystery fish resulted in number 23, a Trevally closest to 50 cm and was not awarded.


Goblet Flathead    David Greenhalgh                                            57.2 cm 105.63 points


Outside                      Bruce Kennedy           Morwong                     55 cm 130 points

Equal to the club record

Lake and Estuary  John Suthern              Flathead                      71 cm 92.65 points

Rock & Beach           N/A


Outside                      Carol Kenney              Snapper                      66.5 cm 151.55 points

Equal to the club record

Lake and Estuary  Vickie Ballard              Flathead                      44.5 cm 45.22 points

Rock & Beach           N/A

Mystery Fish              N/A


Carol Kenney, washing the brag mat and dropping it overboard.


Mike Byron

Comp Sec



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Flathead and Bream Update

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Here is something to whet your Whistles

The promotion of the 2020 Flathead and Bream Tournament is well and truly underway. We have banners sited in strategic places.

Have a spouse or a friend that you need to find a christmas present for ??? Consider giving them an entry to this event. They would love it !

By the way, with months to go, we are well over 30% of our total capacity, so the number of entries left is dwindling daily.

Secure your spots early.

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November Goblet Blackfish

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The Goblet fish for November is Blackfish.
Sadly, it was another glorious weekend, a drop of rain wouldn’t go astray about now …
Fishing was tough in the lake but quite good offshore with 48 fish presented by 10 anglers, 7 men and 3 ladies.
The draw for the mystery fish resulted in number 21, a Tailor closest to 55 cm and was not awarded
A reminder to our members and visitors that Eurobodalla Shire will be implementing lever 3 water restrictions as of December 2nd, for we fishos this means no rinsing of motors at the boat ramp and fish cleaning and washing down the cleaning tables has to be by bucketed salt water.
Outside                       Allan Backhouse           Flathead         59 cm, 111.25 points
Lake and Estuary      Bruce Kennedy              Blackfish        40 cm, 95 points
Rock and Beach        Merv Roberts                 Blackfish        37 cm, 80 points
Outside                      Rachael Kennedy           Snapper         49 cm, 93.27 points
Lake and Estuary      Rachael Kennedy          Blackfish         28.5 cm, 37.5 points
Rock and Beach        Jackpots
Apparently we all well behaved and nobody did anything silly, so the Turkey will jackpot.


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Fishing Club Presentation Night Dinner

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Tuross Head Annual

Presentation Night Dinner

16th November 2019

Commencing at 6:30 pm

Finger food available from 6:45

The meal will be served at 7:30

Members $20 per person, Non-members $25 per person

RSVP Gav 0417280580 or Jeanie 0438388584

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September Goblet

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September is one for everyone! The highest scoring Non-Goblet fish. This may include Bass, Flounder, Flying Gurnard, Gummy Shark, Kingfish, Mullet, Mulloway, Sergeant Baker, Tuna and more.
Fishing can commence Friday 13th September (lucky for some) evening through to Sunday prior to the measure-in.
Measure-in will be at the Country Club at 1:00 pm with lunch provided for members, $5.00 for visitors.
The monthly committee meeting is held on the Tuesday following the Goblet competition at the Country Club from 7:00 pm. All welcome.
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August 2019 Goblet – Morwong

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Belated results for the August Goblet. Sorry peoples but its been a confused and busy time for us.

So here goes

The target species was Morwong and Gavin Robinson managed to catch one offshore. Many fished but only four fishers caught caught competitive fish. In all, fourteen fish were present for the measure in.

Goblet Morwong Gavin Robinson 47.5 cm 80 points

Outside Mathew Roberts SGT Baker 54.0 cm 115 points
Lake and Estuary John Suthern Tailor 45.2 80.67 points
Rock and Estuary N/A

Outside N/A
Lake and Estuary N/A
Rock and Beach N/A

Mystery Fish Salmon 80cm but none was caught.

The Turkey award went to Gavin Robinson for cutting Rachel’s leader thinking is was mono line

The weekend was cold and windy and the fishing was not only uncomfortable but also hard going

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THCC Fishing Club AGM

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Pleased to announce our 2019-2020 committee members, Thanks for putting your hands up for another year.

President:           Gavin Robinson [email protected]

Vice President:  Marty Sheather

Secretary:            Regina Byron [email protected]

Treasurer:            Carol Kenney

Comp Sec:            Mike Byron

Publicity:              Tom Webster

Social:                   Jeanie Dixon

Catering:               Janine Campbell

Committee:          Bruce Kennedy

Patron:                  David Greenhalgh

Attended by Life members Ross and Patty Parker, Jill Greenhalgh and Max Castle.

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Fishing Club News

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Hi Fishing Club members and other interested fishers. Some coming events for you

August is the end of the club year. Following the August Goblet measure-in (Aug 18, 2019, 1:00 pm) the club will be holding its Annual General Meeting. The AGM will commence once the Goblet proceedings cease and will be held in the THCC downstairs outside area. Any members wishing to stand for a committee position should make their intentions known.

Away Weekend
The club has booked Eden’s Quarantine Bay Cabins for a fishing away weekend. The dates will be Friday night November 18 (2019) and Saturday night November 19 (2019). Liaise with Jeanie Dixon 04138 388 584 for further information.

The annual Presentation will be held at the THCC inside downstairs area on a date to be announced in November. It is envisaged that the meal will be catered for by outside person allowing all members to enjoy an evening without having to prepare, serve and clean up after a meal.

A 2019-2020 calendar of events is currently being prepared and will be available soon.

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July 2019 Goblet, Salmon

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July 2019 Monthly ‘Goblet’ Fishing Competition was held over the weekend just gone. Each month a species of fish is selected to be the target species. In July the target species was Salmon

Five anglers took to the waters and caught fish. Others went fishing but had little luck. One angler told me there was plenty of small bait fish around and he observed several bust ups but had no bites. The successful anglers comprised of one lady, and three men and a junior. It was a glorious sunny and virtually windless weekend. A total of thirty one fish were caught and presented for the ‘measure-in.

Each month we use a random generator to select a Mystery Fish and a size. This month it was number two which produced Blackfish with a size of 40.5 cm. Should several anglers catch the months mystery then the closest to the stated size wins. No anglers caught a Blackfish so the prize jackpots.


Goblet: Salmon Rachel Weatherby 65.5 cm 101 points

Winners are grinners, well maybe not Robbo

Outside David Backhouse Sgt Baker 51.0 cm 107.5 points

Lake and Estuary N/A

Rock & Beach N/A

Outside N/A

Lake and Estuary Rachel Weatherby Mullet 31.5 cm 36.66 points

Rock & Beach Rachel Weatherby Salmon 65.5 cm 101 points


William Newman Salmon 49 cm 68 points

Mystery Fish N/A

Turkey of the month
Matthew Roberts for catching a face-full of squid ink – he also caught a fine half fish.

Mike Byron
Comp Sec

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July Goblet – Salmon

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Guess what peoples ????

This coming weekend July 19-20-21 is the Goblet competition weekend.

The Goblet fish is Salmon and they are running at the moment.

Fishing may begin from 4.00pm Friday and the finish time and measure-in is at 1.00pm Sunday at the downstairs outside area at the Tuross Head Country Club.

As usual, a lunch will be provided free for fishing club members and at $5 per head for visitors.

Visitors are always very welcome.

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