Wallaga Lake weekend

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This should be a fun weekend!

It’s a great chance to relax with club members (don’t forget your hat!)

Contact Gav or Jeanie, get in early as places are limited.

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Bowls Fishing Golf Day

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A great opportunity to mix and mingle and perhaps to have a go at golf or bowls if you haven’t tried already.

Only $5.00 per person includes lunch.

Contact details are on the flier.


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April Goblet – Drummer

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Goblet Drummer

April is the month we target Drummer, 11 anglers took to the waters comprising of 4 ladies and 7 men, no juniors. The weather was glorious over the weekend with calm seas and 39 fish were measured in.

Mystery fish number 9 produced Garfish 20 cm.


Goblet: Drummer Merv Roberts 35.5 cm 66.67 points

Outside David Greenhalgh Sergeant Baker 46.0 cm 95points
Lake and Estuary Neil Alexander Bream 39.2 cm 86.8 points
Rock & Beach Matthew Roberts Salmon 46 cm 62 points

Outside Jeanie Dixon Morwong 43 cm 67.14 points
Lake and Estuary Carol Kenney Flathead 40.3 cm 36.72 points
Rock & Beach N/A

Mystery Fish N/A

Turkey……Jeanie Dixon has purchased herself a tinny, dramas getting it started and getting it on the water.

We had our own Easter Bunny attend too!

With thanks to Janine Campbell who acted as the photographer on the day.


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April Goblet

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The April Goblet will be on the weekend of 12-14, your target species is Drummer.

Measure-in to be held at the Country Club on Sunday at 1:00 pm. Please note the change of time as daylight savings ends on the 7th.

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Huskisson Weekend March 2019

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About 20 Fishing Club members had a fun weekend in Huskisson 29-30 March. We were allocated into teams – ‘for life’ (!)

Team Black

Team Red

The locals got into the spirit of the event!

Each member was to record their first 10 fish caught – whatever species and size, rules were to be decided at the end of the day, no target species and any size could be a winner.

Dinner was expertly prepared

and enjoyed by all.

Then there were presentations of prizes for the winners – still no clue on how the rules worked, but Team Black came out on top.

Nice look Bruce, off the shoulder!

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March 2019 Goblet

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March 2019

Goblet Tailor


March is the month we fish for Tailor, 11 anglers took to the waters comprising of 5 ladies, 5 men and one junior. The weather was fine over the weekend and fishing was good with 51 fish caught.


Mystery fish number 18 produced Sergeant Baker 57.3cm.


Goblet: Tailor            David Backhouse                    37.9 cm           56.33 points


Outside                          Matthew Roberts         Sergeant Baker           48.0 cm 100 points

Lake and Estuary      David Backhouse         Flathead                      81.3 cm 100.78 points

Rock & Beach              N/A


Outside                          Pam Alexander             Flathead                      47 cm 65.00 points

Lake and Estuary      Rachel Weatherby       Bream                          37 cm 78.00 points

Rock & Beach              N/A

JUNIOR                        William Newman         Flathead                      88 cm 111.25 points

Mystery Fish              Matthew Roberts         Sergeant Baker           48 cm 100 points


Turkey……Richard Pierce bought a $7.00 pack of prawns and went fishing, came home dirty and smelly so threw his clothes straight into wash, and then into the dryer, later realized that his $300 pair of sunglasses were in with the clothes and were smashed.



Mike Byron

Comp Sec

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Daylight Saving Time ends

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Daylight Saving Time will end on 7th April, Goblet measure-in events will revert to the Winter time of 1:00pm.


New start time

April through till October 1st 4pm starts on Friday of comp weekends
October through to March 4pm measure in on Sundays

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Support for two new artificial reefs in the Eurobodalla

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Fishers are looking for support for two new artificial reefs in the Eurobodalla and are calling on the local community and all anglers who visit the area to get behind them.

Eurobodalla Recreational Fishing Action Group (ERFAG) has prepared a submission to support a new Offshore Artificial Reef to be situated off the coast of the Eurobodalla between Batemans Bay and Moruya.

The reefs would be designed specifically to attract up to 50 different species of fish providing a long term sustainable boost to the local habitats. Constructed from a series of steel or concrete modules, the artificial reefs would have a minimum design-life of 30 years and can withstand 1-in 100-year storm event. The locations of where the two artificial reefs would be placed was yet to be determined.

ERFAG consists of representatives from the 10 recreational fishing clubs in the Eurobodalla. It also has several charter operators and tackle store owners represented in the group.

ERFAG founder and Tomakin Fishing Club president Adam Martin has asked for State Member Andrew Constance to fund the artificial reefs from the unexpected additional funds that were secured from the sale of poles and wires and other infrastructure. Mr Martin said the group did not at all want the project to be funded by the Recreational Fishing Trust Fund, because it would take nearly 10 years to deploy if funded by the trust fund.

“ERFAG understands that detailed constraints mapping and extensive consultation is needed to determine a suitable deployment area,” Mr Martin said.

“However the current structure of NSW Marine Parks and in our particular case the Batemans Bay Marine Park, the park management policies and zonings constraints will more than likely affect the preferred deployment area of the largest stakeholder – the recreational fishers of NSW.

“ERFAG is committed to follow through on whatever it takes for the Eurobodalla to be selected to receive the next artificial reef and work with Minister Constance and the authorities to negotiate suitable deployment locations that benefit recreational fishers.”

Also taking up the cause is Tuross Head Fishing Club secretary Max Castle, who is also vice president of Recreational Fishing Alliance and member of the Recreational Fishing Advisory Council of NSW.

You can complete a petition by June 19 which will be sent to the Hon Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries, by clicking here.

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