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Major Pairs Decided and Pennant Season Over!!

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Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard have won the Club’s Major Pairs following a good win over Noel Downie and John Monks in a very competitive final. The two best sides in the competition played a very fitting final. The closeness of the contest was evident as both teams were quickly into top form. Some fine bowls from all four players saw the score locked at 9 all after 9 ends. Davies and Hilliard edged ahead over the next few ends with the really critical play coming in the 12th end. Down 13 – 9 and behind on this end Monks played a calculated on shot but, to his dismay, after making contact with the jack he saw it rebound off a bowl and bounce forward a couple of metres. As a result he went down 4 shots and the deficit was doubled!

Davies and Hilliard consolidated this advantage to 19 – 9 after 13 ends. Downie and Monks continued to play well but the defensive play from Davies and Hilliard was such that they were able to restrict the number of shots they lost to a minimum. In this stage of the game Davies, in particular, showed his experience. The final score was 23 – 15 to Davies and Hilliard and they proved to worthy winners of the title. Far from disgraced, Downie and Monks were a little unlucky but they showed that they are very competitive at all levels.

The Pennant season for both Tuross sides came to a disappointing end at the District playoffs. The grade 5 side played Milton Ulladulla at Moruya needing to win to progress to the Zone Final. From the start this was a very interesting contest. Each Club had one of their three teams dominating their matches and the third game was very close. Ulladulla held the upper hand on the ‘main board’ for much of the game and the final score of 60 – 52 was due to a big finish from Tuross. Joel Hilliard’s team continued their tremendous form and had a 31 – 12 win. John Fahey’s team was competitive early but found their opponents too good in the second half of the game. They lost 30 – 8. John Monks’ team had a tighter tussle but always found themselves on the wrong side of the score line. They ended up losing 18 – 13.

The Grade 7 side travelled to St Georges Basin to play Callala RSL. This was a very evenly matched contest with the result up in the air to the last few ends. Tuross held the advantage on the ‘master board’ for most of the match. It wasn’t until the last two ends of the 63 end contest that Callala RSL grabbed the lead. They managed to finish the stronger to win 59 shots to 54.

Allan Etheredge’s team had a very good 17 – 12 win on their rink. Etheredge, in particular, played some outstanding bowls to lead by example. Ray Downey’s side had a very close battle before going down 21 – 17 and Ronnie Richardson’s side had two bad ends in their 26 – 20 loss. The closeness of the game is shown in that Callala won 32 of the 63 ends compared to Tuross’s 31!!

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May Carnival Results

By |2019-05-10T14:02:13+10:00May 10th, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

Tuross Head Men’s Bowls have staged another successful five day May Carnival. While the numbers have declined over the years, those who did attend played some competitive bowls in a friendly atmosphere. The number of visitors have declined but the support from local players has been wonderful. Different events were played on each day starting on Sunday with mixed pairs and concluding on Thursday with a mixed medley.

While local players figured prominently in the money winners, the most successful players where Narooma’s Keith Pickett and Bodalla’s Paul Van den Heuvel. They won both the Open Pairs (Monday) and the Men’s Pairs (Wednesday) and teamed with Narooma’s Peter Hattam to finish second in the Open Triples (Tuesday)

Local teams dominated the Mixed Triples (Sunday) with Bruce and Denise Lidbury winning from Peter Macdonald and Rose Farrington and Sue and John Fahey. Noel and Rita Downie had the best last game result. Tuross’ Joel Hilliard and Stuart Graham finished second in the Open Pairs while Dave Carter and Paul Douglas (Moruya) came third. John Fahey and Jim Macklan had the best last game.

The Open Triples winners on Tuesday was the team from Sale of Ray Kennedy, Bruce Melrose and Peter Gould. Jennie and Stephen Hogan teamed with Ken Franklin (all from Tomakin) finished third. Dave Johnston, Pat Miller and Dave Carter (Moruya) had the best last game score.

Pickett and Van den heuvel won the Men’s pair on Wednesday from Tomakin’s Chris O’Brien and Nick Tiyce. Locals Peter Macdonald and John Fahey came third The best last game was recorded by Bruce Lidbury and Peter Davies.

Local teams dominated the Mixed Medley on Thursday with the Chris Roxby, Marg Downey, Jim Macklan and Stan Peck very popular winners. Sharron Perry, Gail Page, Stuart Graham and Peter Davies finished second ahead of Peter and Lorrie Bird who teamed with Phil and Marlou Rollinson. Fran O’Connell, Marcel Kors and Carol and Doug Williams had the best last game score.

A big thanks to the main sponsors – Alan May Motor Group, Platinum Blinds, Hallmark Real Estate and the Tuross Pharmacy – who have all been great supporters over a number of years.

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Major Pairs Finalists Determined

By |2019-05-05T07:55:51+10:00May 5th, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

The finalists in the 2019 Major Pairs Championship have been decided in two very entertaining semi-finals. Noel Downie and John Monks played Jim Macklan and Stan Peck with the final result not reflecting the closeness of the game. The earlier ends were very tight with both teams playing crucial bowls. After 9 ends Macklan and Peck had a slender 10 – 9 lead.

At this point Downie and Monks gained the upper hand and by the 16th end had set up a match winning advantage of 22 – 11. In this period the play was tighter than the scores showed with the difference being some outstanding bowls from Downie and Monks where they had several ‘conversions’ that reaped rewards. Despite winning a couple of ends, Macklan and Peck could not record the number of shots they needed to bridge the gap. Downie and Monks had a 25 – 14 victory.

In the other game, Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard had to work very hard to get the better of Allan Etheredge and Peter Bird. The teams were locked at 7 all after 7 ends with all four bowlers playing very well. The next three ends proved to be the key to the match. Davies and Hilliard were able to pull away to a 14 – 7 lead and then they consolidated their advantage with another 3 shots on the 13th end to move to 17 – 9.

The final eight ends were a real arm wrestle as Etheredge and Bird fought hard to get back into the match. In fact, they won 5 of the last 8 ends but could only pick one shot at a time. Several times they held multiple shots but Davies and Hilliard were able to play some great shots to cut back the score. It was this ability to defend their lead that was the real strength of Davies’ and Hilliard’s play. They played a number of very effective on shots and drives to change the complexion of the head.

Etheredge and Bird were far from disgraced in a very competitive match that Davies and Hilliard finally won 20 – 14. The final should be an excellent game between two very strong pairings.

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Major Pairs Semi-Finalist Decided

By |2019-04-29T09:33:51+10:00April 29th, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

The semi-finalists in the Major Pairs Championship have been determined following the completion of the last two quarter-finals. In ideal conditions both matches were very closely fought battles. In fact, the game between Allan Etheredge and Peter Bird and Peter Macdonald and Ray Downey needed an extra end to determine a winner.

Etheredge and Bird had a great start and led by 9 – 2 after 6 ends. Macdonald and Downey then won the next 6 ends to move to a 12 – 9 advantage. The next section of the game was very tight but by the 19th end Etheredge and Bird had managed to hit the front 18 – 15. Macdonald and Downey were able to make it 18 all after the regulation 21 ends. The extra end was very close with first one team, then the other holding the advantage. With his last bowl Downey, unfortunately for him, bumped Etheredge’s bowl to give Etheredge and Bird the shot by a very narrow margin. The final score was 19 – 18 and Etheredge and Bird will now play Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard for a place in the final.

The other game between Jim Macklan and Stan Peck and Lawrie Riley and Doug Williams was also very close. For the first 11 ends the two teams traded shots in a low scoring affair. At this stage the score was 7 all. Macklan and Peck then doubled their score in two ends to grab the advantage at 14 – 7. Riley and Williams fought back and by the 17th end they had narrowed the lead to just four shots at 16 – 12. Though they were winning the ends, Riley and Williams could not grab the big score they needed to bridge the gap.

On the 18th end Macklan and Peck consolidated their position when they picked up 4 shots to double their margin. Though Riley and Williams won the last three ends they only managed to pick up single shots as Macklan and Peck defended well. Macklan and Peck won 20 – 15 and will play Noel Downie and John Monks in the second semi-final.

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More Pennant Success for Tuross Head!!

By |2019-04-15T10:23:49+10:00April 15th, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

The Tuross Head Grade 7 side has advanced to the next stage of the State Pennants competition after recording two wins on the weekend.

On Saturday they hosted Moruya and held the upper hand throughout. Ronnie Richardson’s team again led the way with a comfortable 24 – 16 victory. The interesting challenge for them was that played against 3 players rather than 4 – not as easy as it seemed!

Ray Downey’s team had to recover from a mid-game slump when they feel behind 10 – 4 after 8 ends. They won eight of the last ten ends to record a 23 – 16 win.

Allan Etheredge’s team led for most of their match and looked home when they had a 19 – 15 advantage with just two ends to play. To their credit the Moruya side were able to score the 5 shots they needed to win 20 – 19.

Overall Tuross won 66 shots to 52 and picked up a 9 points to 1 win. This meant that they had to play a washed out match at Tomakin on Sunday needing to win to progress.

Tuross had a great start and were well ahead on all three rinks and the master-board from the start. After 36 ends they lead 40 shots to 20. Then the Tomakin teams started to turn the game around. They gradually narrowed the difference.

As the three games moved into their final ends the scores became very close. Tuross maintained their lead on two of the rinks but on the third the Tomakin side had a real surge. Allan Etheredge had a 11 – 4 lead after 12 ends but then lost the next seven ends to slip behind 11 – 19. This changed the complexion of the match. Ray Downey’s side finished first with a 24 – 20 win. Ronnie Richardson finished next with a 19 – 13 win.

The difference on the ‘ big board’ was just 2 shots with the last rink having two ends to play. In very tense conditions Etheredge managed to grab a single shot on each of these ends to give Tuross a narrow 56 – 52 win. They won 9 points to 1 to put them at the top of the table.

Both of these games were played with great support from other members of both the THMBC and the THWBC. There is no doubt that this added to the excitement – both of the opposing Clubs commented on the tremendous support we received!!

Both Tuross sides will now progress to the next stage of the competition to be played on May 18 and 19.

In a further match in the Major Pairs, Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard had a hard fought win over Brian Currie and Stuart Graham.

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Pennant Success – Round 9 Results

By |2019-04-07T20:30:53+10:00April 7th, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

The Tuross Head Grade 5 Pennant side has confirmed its position at the top of the table with another good win over Dalmeny in the last round of the competition. The team of Alan Skelton (subbing for Noel Downie), Alan McLeod, Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard preserved their unbeaten status with a strong 25 – 14 victory. They started well and were never headed.

John Monks’ team also had a good win based on a very good start. They led 12 – 3 after 7 ends and were able to close out the game 24 – 15 winners. John Fahey’s side had the opposite experience. They had a very slow start and were never able to recover. They lost 23 – 13.

Overall Tuross won by 62 shots to 52 shots collecting 9 points to 1. They completed the season 20 points clear of their rivals and now await to see who they will play in the zone play- offs.

The Grade 7 side also had a good win downing Malua Bay 64 shots to 56 shots. However, Malua Bay won 2 of the rinks meaning that Tuross won 8 points to 2. The win was based on a powerful performance by Brian Currie, Stuart Graham, Ben Hewison and Ronnie Richardson. They won 28 – 10. Ray Downey’s team had a very tight game but went down 20 – 19. Allan Etheredge’s team started well but struggled in the middle ends and lost 26 – 17.

Final positions in Grade 7 have not been determined as there is one more round to be played and some washed out matches. The results in these matches will determine the grade winner with Tuross, Malua Bay and Tomakin all with realistic chances.

In Club Championship news, matches in the Major Pairs have started. The finalists in the Major Singles, Noel Downie and John Monks, have joined forces in the pairs. They opened their campaign with a powerful performance against Col Fletcher and Alan McLeod. Downie and Monks were in great form against very gallant opponents. Fletcher and McLeod played plenty of good bowls but they had no answer to the quality play of Downie and Monks who won 35 – 13.

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Noel Downie Wins the 2019 Major Singles Championship

By |2019-04-05T10:49:08+10:00March 31st, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

Noel Downie is once again the Tuross Head Men’s Bowling Club’s Singles Champion – his first title since winning in consecutive years in 2008 and 2009. He had a good win over his long-time rival, John Monks. For the second year in a row Monks has finished as runner up in the Club’s premier championship.

The two semi-finals were exciting spectacles. Downie played Lawrie Riley in a game that was gripping until the end. After Downie made a bright start, Riley pegged him back and the two went neck and neck. After the scores were tied 12 all the lead changed five times until Riley pulled away to lead 27 – 21 and then 29 – 24. The crucial play came on the next end. With just his last bowl to play Downie looked down and out before he played a great bowl to grab an important shot. From this point he was able to control the play and he made the final with a determined 31 – 29 victory.

Monks played Stuart Graham and seemed well on track for a comfortable victory when he led 23 – 12. However, he then became becalmed. Graham plugged away and gradually decreased the margin. In this period of play Monks was able to make the task difficult for Graham by restricting him to a single shot per end. Over 10 ends the gap closed to 25 – 19 and looked far from over. Then suddenly Monks had a second ‘wind’. He was able to pick up the first ‘4’ of the match and then followed it with another 2 shots to close the game out 31 – 19.

The final was played in ideal conditions. The early ends were tight with both players in good form. Gradually, Downie grabbed the upper hand. In fact, he was only behind once in the match. Monks had grabbed a narrow 9 – 8 advantage before Downie started to dominant. He was playing beautifully and it was this, rather than poor play from Monks, that highlighted the game. Several times he was able to play outstanding bowls to steal the advantage from Monks. Downie won 31 – 19 but it took him 30 ends to close the game out. The majority of ends were tight with only 1 or 2 shots being scored.

It was a fitting final with a high standard of play from both players. Congratulations to the 2019 Club Champion – Noel Downie!!

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Pennant Round 7 and Major Singles Results

By |2019-03-24T20:18:43+10:00March 24th, 2019|Categories: Men's Bowls|

The Tuross Head Grade 5 Pennant side has maintained its position at the top of the competition table following a near miss against Moruya at Moruya. With just two ends to be played Moruya had a 51 – 45 lead on the master board with two of the three games completed.

John Fahey’s team paid for a very slow start. After 10 ends they trailed 14 – 2, but despite a better second half of the game, they could not bridge the gap. They lost 18 -13. John Monks fared better but stumbled at the back end of the game. His side led 17 – 13 after 16 ends only to be ‘pipped at the post’ going down 19 – 18.

The real action happened on the third rink with Alan McLeod, Noel Downie, Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard involved in a very tight match. With just two ends to go the scores were locked at 14 all. All of the pressure was on the Tuross side that needed to win by at least 7 shots to grab victory. On the 20th end they managed to score 5 shots that meant they needed at least 2 shots on the last end. They proved the difference when they grabbed a critical 3 shots on the last end to give Tuross a remarkable overall win of 53 to 51.

As result Tuross scored an important 8 – 2 win to keep their healthy margin with just two more rounds to be played.

The Grade 7 side kept their hopes alive with an important away win against Bodalla, the competition front runners. Des Jackson, Doug Williams, Lawrie Riley and Ray Downey led the way with a very strong 31 – 11 win. They dominated the match and won 17 of the 21 ends. They coped well with a couple of ‘hiccups’ where they dropped a ‘four’ and a ‘five’.

Allan Etheredge played some very crucial bowls as he steered his side to a very good 21 – 17 win. They established a strong position at 20 – 9 after 14 ends but had to hold off a fast finishing Bodalla side to win 21 – 17.

The third game was tight throughout with the lead fluctuating. The Tuross side of Brian Currie, Alan Skelton, Stuart Graham and Ronnie Richardson had a narrow 19 – 18 advantage after 18 ends and were striving to get the very important 10th point. To their credit the Bodalla side had other ideas and finished strongly to grab a 25 – 19 win.

Tuross won overall 71 – 53 and collected 9 points to Bodalla’s 1. Though still behind Bodalla, Tuross has a game in hand due to a washed out game. The season is far from over!!

The semi-finalists for the Major Singles Championship have been decided following four exciting, high quality quarter finals. John Monks and Joel Hilliard had a great battle before Hilliard pulled away and looked the likely winner. He led 29 – 22 before Monks stormed back into the game. Monks was able to prevail 31 – 30.

Ben Hewison had his nose ahead for most of his game with Noel Downie. He led 21 – 16 and then 25 – 19 but Downie always seemed to have the answer. Downie hit the lead for the first time of the game when he moved to 27 – 25 only to see Hewison strike back to make it 27 all. Downie then won the next two ends to run out a 31 – 27 winner.

Stuart Graham and Peter Davies had a very similar game. The lead fluctuated in a very tight battle – in fact the lead changed six times before Davies looked to have made a game winning break to lead 28 – 21. Graham then staged a great finish to win the next 7 ends to move into the semi-finals with a 31 to 28 win.

Lawrie Riley won the fourth semi-final berth when he outlasted Lou Kozlik. After moving to a 19 – 9 lead Riley was challenged by Kozlik who narrowed the lead to just 3 shots at 22 – 19. Riley then rallied to take the match 31 – 23.

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Pennant Results and Major Singles

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Pennant Results Round 6

The Tuross Head Grade 5 side has consolidated its position at the top of the table following a very good Round 6 win over Dalmeny. This was a good response after a very close loss to Malua Bay in Round 5. In the Round 5 match the final scores ended up tied at 53 all but Malua Bay won 5.5 points to 4.5 points after winning two of the three rinks.

In Round 6 Tuross, with a very vocal home crowd, had an excellent start and moved to a commanding lead on the back of strong performances by the teams skipped by John Fahey and Joel Hilliard. However, both of these rinks had to hold off fighting comebacks by their Dalmeny opponents.

Hilliard, spearheaded by excellent lead bowls from Alan McLeod, looked well in charge at 21 – 11 before Peter Drake and Ashley Shoemark inspired a Dalmeny effort that reduced the final margin to 21 – 16 in favour of Tuross.

Fahey’s rink followed the same pattern. After being down 11 – 8 after 11 ends Fahey picked up 10 shots in three ends to race to an 18 – 11 advantage. The final ends were very closely fought and Dalmeny was able to narrow the final margin to just 3 shots at 22 – 19.

The real excitement came on the third rink. John Monks had the better of the early ends and looked comfortable at 12 – 5 after 10 ends. But the Dalmeny players skipped by Barry Lymbery had other ideas. By the 17th end they had hit the front 18 -14. With rain threatening, Tuross hit back to grab a 20 – 18 lead with two ends to play. A short sharp shower changed the condition of the green as the teams battled for the crucial final point. Dalmeny won the 20th end to trail by just a shot. When the skips went to play their final bowls on the 21st end Dalmeny had several shots. Then the ‘bowls god’ intervened. Firstly, Monks had a favourable deflection to cut Dalmeny to one shot. In an effort to move this bowl, Lymbery was unlucky when he moved the jack to a Tuross bowl. This gave Monks a 21 – 19 victory.

Tuross won overall 64 shots to 54 and grabbed a crucial 10 – 0 win.

Unfortunately, the Grade 7 side had their match at Tomakin washed out before a bowl could be played!

Major Singles

Rounds 1 and 2 of the Major Singles Championships have been completed. Bruce Lidbury defeated Alan Skelton 31 – 16 and Peter Davies defeated Doug Williams 31 – 14 in the two Round 1 games.

There where some very good, close matches in the Round 2 clashes. Joel Hilliard just managed to hold off a very fast finishing Peter Macdonald to win 31 – 28. Stuart Graham needed all of his experience to get the better of Col Fletcher 31 – 25. New member Jonathon Green had a very tough struggle with Lou Kozlik before going down 31 – 23.

John Monks seemed to have his game against Julian Penny in hand but Penny kept on hanging in and forced Monks to take 33 ends to win 31 – 22. Peter Davies needed all of his skill to get the better of Brian Currie who played very well.

Noel Downie and Bruce Lidbury had a very tight struggle for 17 ends before Downie pulled away to win 31 – 15 after trailing 14 – 11. Defending Champion Stan Peck was no match for Ben Hewison who had an impressive win. Lawrie Riley grabbed the last place in the quarter finals with a good win over Michael Atkinson.

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