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THCC Golf Program November 2020

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These new restrictions  are now in place:

If you are unwell in any way you are not permitted to participate in any form of golf.

Social Distancing to be obeyed at all times.

2 persons per Golf Cart  allowed.

Entry via Golf Magic is operating at the club house

No touching or removing the flagstick, the holes have a pool

noodle placed in them to stop the ball going to the bottom of the hole.

A temporary rule is in place which reads “If the ball goes

in the hole and bounces off the pool noodle it is to be classed as being holed”.

No swapping of score cards, each player is to mark their own

card and score their playing partner.

Verify each other’s score at the completion of the round.

Only the player’s signature is required on the card.

No shaking hands (or high fiving) during or after your round.

Obey social distancing guidelines.

Golfers  please place your card directly into the

score card boxes located in the clubhouse.

There will be no rakes in the bunkers.

Bunkers will be preferred lies.

You are asked to try and tidy the bunker with your shoe or club.

There will be no NTPs

 Phone 4473 8186 

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A message from Peter Nikolic: Men’s Golf Captain.

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Fellow Golfers 

Welcome to the Men’s 2020 Golf AGM and thank you for your attendance.

Golfing year 2019-2020 what a forgettable year. A year that started off with arguably our best ever attended Tuross Open (big thank you to our volunteers and participants over the two days) and then came the fires, the flood and COVID. The fires are out and the water has gone and thanks to the generosity of our Golf (and Bowling) members we have been able to maintain and care for our wonderful facility and Golf is still winning the battle over our COVID curse.

With a lot of hard work by the golf committee (and I thank them for their efforts) we have been able to continue with competition golf (under advice from Golf NSW) and have had increased fields in both Thursday and Saturday competitions. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for participating.

We are in the process of preparing next years golf calendar of events (with a change to a calendar year, not a financial year as in the past years) but will still need to comply with the current restrictions until advised otherwise.

A big thank you to; Tim and his staff for all their hard work maintaining and enhancing our great course.

Rob Green on opening his golf shop (and agreeing to being our Junior Golf development officer) and to all of you (our golfing community) for your continued support throughout the year.

Let’s all hope that Golf in 2021 will be the winner, enjoy your golf at THCC.

Peter Nikolic

Captain Men’s Golf

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High scoring Bruce Handley is an easy winner

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Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf members Saturday stableford competition was won by  Bruce Handley who carded  an exceptional score of 45 points. Well done Bruce.

He was followed by Colin Houghton with 37 points. Robert McDonell also scored 37 points and was forced into third position on a countback.

Bruce Martin and Stephen Swanbury, who both finished with 36 points, were the remaining award winners.

Thursday medley stableford competition was won by Peter Garn, who also had a great round of 45 stableford points. Elsa Shearer and Darrell Kildey  both had rounds of 38 points with Elsa taking second spot on a countback.

Stephen Gardner and Leonie Snodgrass received the remaining awards with scores of 37 points.


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THCC Men’s Golf President’s Report 2020

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Tuross Head Men’s Golf 2020 committee: Nigel Barling Vice-Captain, Ted Quinlan Secretary, Andrew Gordon President, Peter Nikolic Captain, David Schmid Vice President and Ian Kingston Treasurer. Absent: Steve Swanbury Golf Development.

SUNDAY OCT 11 2020

Good Morning to all and on behalf of the Current Committee of Dave Schmid, Pete Nikolic, Ian Kingston, Ted Quinlan thank you for your attendance here today. What a year!

The current term started with an extremely successful Tuross Open with record numbers participating from all over the coast. As usual, the course was in pristine condition thanks to the efforts of Tim Watson and his crew of Ben Hewison and Tyson Hastie in a period of ongoing drought conditions.

Then the Bushfires and a quick flood to be followed in biblical order the plague – COVID-19. I would like to expand on the chronology and events of COVID as I’m not sure that everyone fully understands the immediate impact of the crisis and how the Committee had to manoeuvre very quickly in its response to literally save the Course. 1) The previous THCC Board closed the Club on the advice of Clubs NSW on 20th March. This included an immediate shut-down of both the Bowling and Golf Facilities. 2) All machinery was to be hibernated and Staff were to be stood down on March 31.

The Board withdrew ALL funding for ANY ongoing maintenance of the facilities. May I remind members the grass was still growing strongly at this time. 3) Around March 24 Golf NSW advised that Golf was permissible (with some restrictions) for the purpose of exercise. With the condition of the course already deteriorating, the Committee immediately set about to develop a Financial Plan to save the Course from neglect as a result of an extended maintenance shut-down which could potentially result in the Course returning to its current/normal condition impossible. This involved: a) The introduction of the COVID Levy of $5 per person to play. This was later extended to the Bowlers when they were permitted to return by their governing bodies much later. b) A complete rethink of the existing competitions in order to try and fund the Maintenance Programme required whilst complying with COVID restrictions.

Then thank goodness, JOBKEEPER arrived and this was a complete game-changer as the THCC was able to retain the Ground-staff (it should be noted that the senior staff had to draw down on their accrued entitlements to top-up their salaries or work shorter hours). I would like to sincerely thank ALL Members who readily understood the dire situation that we found ourselves in and their support and cooperation in allowing the Committee to pursue this course of action.

Such was the success, that the Levy was dropped in late June with the Committee forming the view that sufficient funds had been accumulated to see maintenance funding through to the end of September. Sincere thanks to Tim Watson and his crew of Ben, Tyson and Callan (who joined us as a 1 st Year Apprentice in February) for their incredible commitment and work through an extremely difficult time.

Their efforts are readily seen in the current fabulous condition of the Course and completion of the major Drainage Project on the 8th and now 7th fairways (funded by grants from Golf NSW totaling $5,700). Sincere thanks is extended to the Ladies and Vet’s Golf Sub-clubs and also the Bowling Sub- clubs. The cooperation between all has been simply superb. I am in no doubt that the efforts of all have not only preserved (and in some cases improved) the Sporting Facilities, but at the same time resulted in saving the THCC.

There were times that the doors could have easily closed never to reopen. We’re not out of the woods yet but I believe there is a strong future for the Club. Whilst thanking people, on behalf of ALL Members, our gratitude is extended to those who volunteer their time collecting and processing the bottles and cans. In particular Graeme Sindel, Ron Rogers, Trevor Jones and Brad Doolan sincere thanks. Ian will have a figure on the money raised all of which will go out on the course.

Welcome to Rob Green Golf Professional. This I feel has been a real coup for the THCC in general and Golf in particular. He is settled in the new Golf Shop and thanks to Dave, Pete, Nigel Barling and Warren Hodder for getting him there. Thank you to the Men’s Shed for their cooperation in negotiating the current space.

The Grants Programme rolls on. Once Tim completes installation of the Shade-cloth system for the Bowlers, the road from the lower carpark to Tim’s shed will be complete along with pathway extension down the 6th , alongside the left of the 1st Tee and a small extension toward the 7th . Total cost $24,695 funded by the latest successful Grant Application.

A plan has been developed with Tim for the Ongoing Development of the Golf Course – a copy for your perusal is here if anyone is interested. Finally with the increasing busyness of all things Golf, the Committee has invited Steve Swanbury to join the committee in a new position of Golf Development. He will assist specifically in Grant Applications and sourcing external Sponsorship – both things have proved to be extremely valuable sources of external income for accelerating the Course Improvements.

Thank you again for all of your support over the past eventful year and I look forward to another positive year for Men’s Golf.

Andrew Gordon 


Tuross Head Men’s Golf

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Trevor Jones: Easy stableford winner

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Well known local golfer and strong club supporter Trevor Jones was the clear winner of the Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf, Saturday October 10, stableford competition with a score of 41 points.

Matt Jones filled second place with a score of 39 points followed by Stephen Swanbury with 38 points.

Paul Pereira, 37 stableford points and Russell Taylor, also scoring 37 points were the remaining award winners.

Highlight of the day was a hole in one on the 15th hole by Colin Houghton.

Recent coring of the course greens and fairway maintenance and improvements around the club facility has resulted in increased fields in the weekly competitions.

Thursday’s stableford medley event was won by Rick Brake with 38 points ahead of Al Gannon 35 points,

Bruce Martin and Allan Langfford, who both had rounds of 34. David Schmid finished with 33 points.

The men’s golf AGM was held on Sunday September 11 and a full report will soon be available on the club


Photo: Tuross golfers Ron Rogers, Nigel Barling, stableford winner Trevor Jones and Michael Coloe.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown




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Official Opening: Rob Green Tuross Pro Golf Shop

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Tuross Head men’s golf captain Peter Nikolic welcomed Rob Green, the new golf professional at Tuross, and officially opened the Rob Green Pro shop on Saturday October 3.  Rob operates out of the original golf club building where he will be able to supply all  golfing needs and he will be available for individual or group tuition.

Rob grew up and played most of his early golf in Orange NSW.  He has been a member of the PGA since 1993 and for some time played the professional circuit in Australia.

His first move to the South Coast was to be as Assistant Professional to Ken Gaffney in Narooma in 1995.  He still has fond memories of his time with Ken but in 2001 he took the professional position at Armidale where he stayed for ten years with his wife and two boys.

Rob and his family moved back to Dalmeny in 2011 and he started as Assistant Professional at Moruya, and later, when the Head Professional retired, took over as the Club Professional. By 2019 Rob decided it was time for a change and he gave the club four months notice, giving them plenty of time to find a replacement.  He and his wife then bought their caravan and headed off for “The Trip” as many of the more senior among us do.

Coaching of both new players and experienced golfers to improve their technique has always been rewarding to Rob and will be an important offering at the new shop.  With the more relaxed pace he is also looking forward to spending time helping golfers choose the best equipment for them, taking the time to fit and experiment with the different styles available.

The Pro Shop just above the 6th green will be well stocked with golfing essentials.  Rob expects the shop to initially open four days per week, with more days in the summer and probably less in winter.

Tuross Head men’s golf captain Peter Nikolic and Rob Green.

               Rob Green in new Pro Shop premises.

Copy courtesy: Lance Shadbolt.

Photos: Tony Brown

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Shane Gschwend wins Medal of Medals competition

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Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf conducted the Medal of Medals event on Saturday.

This annual competition is played by the winners of each monthly stroke event, it is conducted over A, B and C grade divisions. The lowest nett score is the Medal of Medals winner.

This year Brad Doolan won the A grade division with a net score of 68 points, Darrell Kildey was second with 69 points and Paul Ferguson was third with 70 nett strokes.

Michael Coloe was the best of the B grade golfers with a low 63 nett, Bruce Martin filled second  place with 67 strokes and Ian Kingston was third with 68.

C grade golfer Shane Gschwend won with 67 strokes ahead of Peter Mostyn on a countback. Michael  Gaffey’s  68 nett strokes won him a third place award.

Shane Gschwend was presented with the Medal of Medals annual award for his nett 67 strokes.

Well known district golfer Brad Doolan had the lowest off the stick score with 73 strokes.

Thursday’s medley stableford competition was won by Jim Madden with 42 points with Richard Wharton relegated to second position on a countback.

Steve Johnston, Elsa Shearer and Colin Houghton, all with 39 points, filled the remaining award positions.

Men golfers are reminded that Sunday October 11 is the Annual General Meeting.

Photo: Event sponsor with Medal of Medals winner Shane Gschwend.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown

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Richard Kelly: Stableford competition winner

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Tuross Head men’s golf Saturday stableford competition was won by Richard Kelly with a score of 41 points. Steve Johnston returned the same score but was edged out of the winners circle on a countback and had to be satisfied with second placing.

Allen Lee and Reg Apps both finished with 40 stableford points and David Gray, with a score of 38, was awarded the remaining club prize. Balls were awarded down to 32 points.

Tuross men golfers are reminded that the coming Saturday competition is a stroke event, and those players who have qualified as monthly medal winners, will be competing, over three divisions, for the annual  Medal of Medals title.

Thursday’s medley stableford round was won by Paul Medwin with a high 43 points. Dorothy Madden and Graeme Sindel filled second and third placing with 42 points and Graeme Bell and  Richard McDonell with scores of 41 points filled the minor placings.

Photo: Richard Kelly courtesy Tony Brown

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Golf Results w.e. Saturday 26 Sept 2020

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Ladies Single Stableford Tuesday 22 Sept ’20


Player Hcp Points Result
Gayle MacAlpine – A 28 36 A-1
Leonie Snodgrass – A 16 33 A-2
Gail Page – B 38 35 B-1
Jeanette Miller – B 39 34 B-2
Judith McCarthy – C 45 28 C-1
Dianne O’Shea – C 42 28 C-2
Teri Swanbury 32 ball
Pauline Nash 31
Annette Manton 31
Shirley Quinlan 31
Marie Murawai 30
Beverly Theobald 29
Jennifer Gray 27
Elsa Shearer 27
Christine Wratten 27
Samantha Dryden 27
Dorothy Madden 26
Gail Rogers 26


Vets Single Stableford – Weds 23 Sept ’20

Name H’cap Score Prize
Chris Wratten 18 24 $40
Gail Rogers 22 24 $35
Peter Coffey 23 24 $30
Len Rogers 23 24 $20
Dorothy Madden 23 $5
Steve Swanbury 23 $5
David Williams 23 $5
Mike Birks 22 $5
Ron Hanlon 22 $5
Solveig Olsson 22 $5
Ross Davidson 22 $5
Stephen Crossling 21 $5
Bruce Ware 21 $5
Margaret Downey 21 $5
Gayle MacAlpine 21 $5
Terry Lunn 21 $5
Greg Smith 21 $5
Teri Swanbury 20 $5


Medley Single Stableford – Thurs 24 Sept ’20

Player Hcp Points Prize
Steve Swanbury 18 40 $40
Joel Hilliard 24 39 $30
Teri Swanbury 26 38 $25
Richard Wharton 20 38 $20
Bruce Martin 19 37 $15
Paul Medwin 37 ball
Elsa Shearer 37
David Schmid 36
Allen Gannon 36
Jim Madden 36
Des Jackson 35
Bruce Lidbury 35
Chris Wratten 35
Leonie Snodgrass 34
Ian Kingston 34
David Williams 34
Peter Garn 34


Men’s Single Stableford – Saturday 26 Sept ’20

Player Hcp Points Prize
Richard Kelly 23 41 $45
Steve Johnston 21 41 $40
Allen Lee 32 40 $35
Reg Apps 21 40 $30
David Gray 13 38 $25
Michael Elfar 37 ball
Ian Lawson 37
Robert McDonell 37
Peter Johnston 37
Ian Manton 36
Frank Pomfret 36
Brian Gunn  35
Jim Madden 35
Ian Hosking  34
Alan Langford 34
Nigel Barling 34
Peter Mostyn 34
Bruce Lidbury 34
Greg Booth 34
Peter Garn 33
Michael Allen 33
Steve Swanbury 33
Paul Ferguson 32
Bruce Handley 32
Trevor Jones 32
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Allan Lanford easy winner men’s Saturday competition

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Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf stableford event on Saturday September 19 was won by Allan Langford with a very high score of 43 points.

Shane Gschwend had  another good week of golf with his score of 38 points earning him second place, ahead on a countback, from Ross Hendy, Stephen Walker and Ian McManus.

Paul Medwin was the winner of Thursday’s medley stableford competition and this was a day of another high scores, with Paul handing in a card of 43 points. Dorothy Madden was a close second with 42 points beating Graeme Sindel on  a countback.

Graeme Bell and Robert McDonell both finished on 41 points.

Tuross men golfers are  asked to remember that the annual general meeting is to be held on Sunday October 11th and that nominations for the committee must be lodged by Sunday September 27th.

Men’s captain Peter Nikolic awards Saturday stableford winner Allan Langford.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown

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