2017 Men’s Bowls Championship

Consistency Singles Champion

WINNER: Peter Macdonald
RUNNER UP: John Monks

2017 Handicap Pairs Championship

WINNERS: Julian Penny and Stuart Graham
RUNNERS UP: Ray Downey and David Boon


2017 Mixed Pairs Championship

WINNERS: Denise and Bruce Lidbury
RUNNERS UP: Rose Farrington and Peter Davies


2017 Triples Championship

WINNERS: Alan McLeod, Peter Davies and Bruce Taylor
RUNNERS UP: Peter Macdonald, Peter Bird and John Monks

2017 Minor Singles Championship

WINNER: Joe Cremona
RUNNER UP: Peter Macdonald


2017 Major Singles Championship

WINNER: Peter Davies
RUNNER UP: John Fahey

2017 Major Pairs Championship

WINNERS: Peter Bird and John Fahey
RUNNERS UP: Ivan Balentovic and Michael Kennedy

2017 Fours Championship

WINNERS: Stan Peck, Ray Downey, Peter Macdonald and John Fahey
RUNNERS UP: Bruce Taylor, Alf Winch, Ian Wratten and Ivan Balentovic

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